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Climate Change or Oil Shortage Debate

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Is it really climate change or the future shortage of oil that is the real threat? Is climate change just being used to scare people to conserve oil and pay more taxes so we can develop renewable energy due to the coming oil shortage?

It’s generally believed that the earth has been much warmer than today going back to the dinosaur days. The fact is, climate has had some huge changes over history and is still changing. Man is obviously not to blame for climate change for the exception of maybe last 150 years or so. but considering the huge changes over millions of years , the past 150 years represents a very small portion of time to suggest man kind is totally responsible for all change today. Weather the climate is changing due to the sun’s affects , volcano’s , bias information , man or all of them combined, there is no clear consensus. So why is all the big media slanting all the coverage toward man made climate change? Why don’t we have balanced reporting of all sides so we the public can make up our own minds?

One answer that is starting to get more attention is based on the assumption oil will become to expensive (not a shortage of oil but a shortage of cheap oil)  for economies to afford. The high price oil could cause devastation to economies causing civil unrest . The public did not seem to react to this problem, continuing to drive big cars burning fuel like there is no tomorrow.  Giving them a Climate scare that the world would end may just be an attempt to make people change their ways.

If the governments seriously believed the idea of man made climate change there is many things that could have been done. Just a simple thing like legislating the mileage that cars get to 40 mpg from the average today of 22 mpg would reduce automobile co2 emission by 50% . Why is it not being done? Governments just don’t believe in man made climate change.

As cheap oil disappears we will find the climate change debate was really a diversion, and the real issue is the coming high price of oil and the destructive effects it will have on the world’s economies .

Bottom Line, it doesn’t matter if you believe in climate change or an oil shortage, the answer is the same. There is no debate we need new sources of energy. The winners in the world will be the countries with the best and cheapest sources of energy to run their economies.

Written by Ken McGregor

November 10, 2010 at 9:37 pm

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