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Alberta TORY “Hope for a Boom Budget”

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Even though a new Environics poll shows the public is less concerned with health care, down 18 points to 29% and more concerned with economic issues (24% up 8%) It looks like Premier Ed Stelmach’s final budget is going to continue with the spending spree on health care, promising cash increases of six per cent for the next three years, increasing Alberta’s debt by billions, instead of telling the hard facts to Albertans that were short of money for the next few years and have to hold the line until the economy recovers and revenues increase. Mr. Stelmach still seems to be one step behind the public.

Presently health care already takes up 40% of the $38.7 billion 2010-2011 budget with revenues of only $34 billion. This combined with the Education portion of the budget (24.1%) accounts for an astounding 65% of the budget for only 2 items. But the government just keeps on increasing spending. To finance more education spending the thinking is to increase the TAX burden by ending the provincial tuition and education tax credits. Albertans already shoulder  a 40% plus combined tax burden (by all three levels of government), but our political leaders, bankrupt of any real ideas, can only think of  piling on more personal taxes at a time when many Albertans are confronted with spiralling gas and food bills.

It’s becoming obvious that we have no Danny Williams (previous Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador) to lead Alberta into the future. Someone that will increase provincial revenues by expanding our resource base by making good deals with business to benefit Albertans. All we seem to have are politicians with ideas on how to spend our money. Where are our leaders and their ideas on how to get our resources working for us so we can reduce our tax burden, develop our economy and have a long term plan to sustain our needs WITHOUT THE BOOM AND BUST CYCLE.?

It’s also becoming painfully obvious that the real 2011-2012 budget plan this spring is a “Hope for a Boom Budget” to increase revenues. Hoping for $90 oil, hoping for $6 natural gas price, hoping the US economy recovers. This type of hope budget is not going to give Albertans the sustainability needed for the growing health care and education expense.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce gave the government some good advise when they suggested they focus on controlled spending, avoid any real deficits and developed the northern resources. This is the way to the future, not the “Hope For a Boom Budget” coming down Feb. 24th.

No health care Cuts in 2011 budget
Health care and economy Albertans’ top issues (Environics poll)
Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Advise to Alberta Government

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Written by Ken McGregor

February 20, 2011 at 5:21 pm

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  1. Greetings Anna, nice to hear your perspective from Alberta as we move forawrd on this important issue. I am old enough to remember my father worried face before Medicare, when he had to decided how much we needed to seek medical attention.It always make me reflect on how much progress has been made since then and yet I hear the same argument about the cost and merit to the cost of providing health services. I have never minded paying a fee, the small amount of money I have to submit is never an issue. The issue for me lives in my memories of not been able to access care due to fact that you may be in financial situation of not having the money to pay the doctor when you kids are sick or require medical attention.I believe that the bureaucracy of any system is and how it is structured is the impediment to the successful achieving the goals and objective of any program.A super board may not be the answer as the issue of health care is in most part individual, local and requires clarity and solution be provided closer to home.I too will wait to pass judgment.


    December 12, 2012 at 2:32 pm

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