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Alberta Oil Sands – Landlocked

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Little attention is being given by Albertans as to where our oil is being sold to support our $38 billion budget. We keep telling our self how rich we Albertans are on one hand , and on the other subsidising our budget with $5 billion to pay for the bulging 2010-2011 health care and education budget portion (64%).

Presently, the bulk of our oil sands product can only be shipped to the US ,a market that is reducing its oil imports and moving towards energy self sufficiency. Alberta has no way to ship product to other parts of the world such as China to increase our market. There is no pipeline going to the pacific coast or to the gulf coast to get our oil to other countries around the world. Without pipelines going to these ports Alberta’s oil sands will be landlocked in Alberta, greatly affecting our resource income reducing our ability to pay for our ballooning health care and education.

Enbridge has proposed a new 1170 kilometer pipeline that will run from close to Edmonton Alberta to Kitimat BC. This twin pipeline will be able to transport 525,000 ton of bitumen per day to the port and on to oil tankers to be sent world wide. Unfortunately it has enormous opposition from the federal Liberal, NDP, environmentalist and Indian nations. Even though Norway and Sweden can testify as a good examples to the environment and safety of oil tankers, these groups are doing everything possible to stop this economic benefit to Canada. Approval rest in the hands of the National Energy Board and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. The Liberals ,NDP and the BLOC proposed and won a vote 143-138 for legislation to ban bulk oil tanker traffic even though there is already tankers shipping natural gas and the Haisla First Nation voted virtually unanimously in support of large tankers carrying liquefied natural gas through the Douglas Channel. Surprisingly there was barely a word in support from our Alberta politicians from any party. They should be educating the public continuously.

Coastal Oil Port

The KEYSTONE pipeline is the other pipeline that has been proposed by TransCanada pipeline to run from Alberta to Huston Texas. This $7 billion pipeline would allow us access to the gulf coast shipping 510,000 barrels per day. Again environmentalist on both sides of the border are attacking this proposal. Yesterday Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a personal pitch for President Barack Obama to support the Keystone pipeline that could double the amount of Alberta oilsands crude exported to the United States. The economic benefit to Alberta is staggering. Again barely a word from the Alberta opposition political parties in support.

Without the construction of these pipelines Alberta Oil Sands will be landlocked. We will be restricted to shipping our oil to the US only, and not able to ship our resource world wide, leaving us hostage to a declining oil market in the US. Other countries have proven there are safe and responsible ways to ship oil by tankers from coastal ports. We need our political leaders to get out and educate the public on how important the Alberta Oil Sands resource is for our economy (health care/education) and how important it is to have not just the Keystone pipeline through the US but our own Canadian shipping port so we can have free access to the world for our oil.

Get Involved and TELL your Alberta MP to start promoting Alberta Oil Sands and the PIPELINES. We need the income to support our economy. Without this resource income you can count on higher taxes to support our ballooning health care and education budget.

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Written by Ken McGregor

March 15, 2011 at 5:51 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Hipocracy and corruption from the very top of the soaicl ladder yet again. History will look at Alberta’s oil sands as yet another smash and grab opportunity for the selfish and greedy to satisfy their hunger. After the extracting and refinement process is finnally completed i just hope they have a plan to restore Alberta’s sands to it’s former glory because after the dirty deeds have been done it will take thousands of years of natural ecology to replenish the area back to its natural state. I suspect it won’t be the oil companys clearing up the devistation but the local populations tax dollers will supplement the clearup.


    December 12, 2012 at 4:06 pm

  2. As a chemist and enneeigr I marvel at the stupidity of the american public. On the one hand they demand bigger and better SUVs and on the other they want cheaper and more plentiful gasolene supplies. Unless all the supplies of hydrocarbon fuels available(oil sands, oil shale,offshore California and Florida plus Anwar) are put into the equation,the US can kiss goodbye to its relatively cheap energy.We must make use of the available sources of energy, Nuclear, Coal liquifaction Natural gas,geothermal energy where it is available and minor sources such as solar power, wind energy. We have very large amounts of natural gas which should be used to replace the use of oil for heating.Finally ethanol should not be made from corn, the energy required for conversion makes it a lousy tradeoff.


    December 12, 2012 at 11:28 am

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