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Alberta – Taxing Our Way To The Future

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Just a few days ago the Alberta PC’s came out with a report (Reshaping Alberta’s Future ) explaining that the oil revenue won’t last forever and what has to be done to start diversifying Alberta to meet future needs of Albertans. This same rhetoric of diversifying has been going on since 1930 after the great depression and for the past 30 years from todays PC party.  So , all of a sudden, the PC’s want  Albertans to believe they NOW have all the answers?

I have no doubt that oil will be to costly in the future and that other fuels will be developed to take its place, and that Alberta does need a new strategy to keep the economy from the boom and bust cycle. But, is this tired old PC party really the one to pull it all together considering their dismal failure to diversity over the past 30 years?

The report comes to the same old liberal type conclusion that Albertans and corporations should be taxed more, and that all oil revenue should be put into a research fund to develop a new economy and become a global research center (this is what they thought in 1921 when Alberta established the first research council). Yes, that’s right,  the government that has failed to do anything in the past 30 years now wants vast sums of money and to increase taxes 20-30%  because they think they have all the answers and are better at business than real hands on business entrepreneurs. The thought of giving government billions of $$ to hand out on its wild schemes is bazaar.  Taxing Albertans more than they already are is ridiculous. Albertans are already being taxed over 40% of their income from all three levels of government. And the idea of increasing taxes on corporations more than our competitors just diminish the last bit of Alberta advantage we have.

Even though Alberta has made some progress in developing a Provincial brand for being business friendly this advantage has been eroded over the past few years. This PC government and the panel of the study has shown very little imagination when it comes to promoting Alberta. The big idea coming form the panels report is more tax. But what would you expect from Liberals such as David Emerson that chaired the report. That’s what liberals do. No ideas , just tax and spend.

Alberta needs to get back to the basics of controlling spending and making Alberta attractive for business. We need real jobs being created, not government research jobs that depend on ever-increasing taxes to pay for them. This will take a government with a lot more imagination and expertise than the present PC’s  that call themselves conservative but are really liberals in disguise.

In the coming months I will being looking for just such a party, one that believes that taxing our way to the future is wrong. Hope you do the same.

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Written by Ken McGregor

May 12, 2011 at 6:11 pm

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