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Alberta – Budget Time Bomb

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As the Alberta political parties filibuster over Alberta Health care trying to score political points with the voters, Albertans are getting stuck with the bill of an ever-increasing out of control health care and education system. Together these 2 budget items make up a whooping 64% of a 35.6 billion dollar budget , leaving only crumbs for the many other necessaries. If you want to go a little further and add in a third item, social services for 10.6%, you end up with a dizzying 74.7% of the budget for only 3 budget items, 3/4 of the total budget for 2011-2012. These 3 items, that have a large number of government employees, are going to continue getting larger taking up an ever-increasing portion of the budget. I find it bewildering that in a province that is supposed to be the economic engine of Canada that the Agriculture, Resource Management and Economic  Development is only alloted 5% while over 75% goes to government related services.

Interesting Fact: Over the past 10 years the education portion of the budget has increased 63% but the student population only increased by 3%.

The question I have is , where is all the money going to come from to pay for these 3 budget items and continue to grow the economy? It seems unlikely that the public can shoulder any more taxes since they are already paying over 40% of their wages to all three levels of government plus the added burden of  higher food and fuel cost. Since health care is the biggest runaway cost of the budget, estimated to grow to 17 billion dollars by 2013 from 13 billion in 2009, the government should make a concentrated effort to control this expenditure and use their imagination to develop a plan to increase revenue to cover expenses, without tormenting Albertans with increasing taxes.

Presently 78% of the budget revenue is coming from tax (55.4%) and resource revenue, (23.4%) which is just another tax in disguise. With the pressure on to increase spending for health care, infrastructure plus all other budget items its only a matter of time before this budget time bomb explodes if the government doesn’t get serious and develop a plan. So far the PC’s have done little to nothing over the years to get this budget bomb under control.

We need to start promoting and working with what we have to offer, gas, oil, agriculture. Stop this fixation on increasing taxes and letting the government spend on job creation . The government has never been efficient when it come to spending our money. Make it easier for larger companies and small business to expand and grow into larger markets. Let business create the jobs.  Let the government assist when required. By excess taxing  of companies and Albertans we are taking away their ability to spend in ways that will grow the economy. The PC government has had no plan in the past that has worked and most likely does not have any well thought plan for the future. With more business comes more jobs that can add more taxes into the pot for our budget needs.

I’m hoping come the next provincial election we will all take the time to check out which political party fits the “no more tax bill”. We need a real conservative government that will promote Alberta, our products and business while maintaining a balanced budget , keeping us out of debt and diffusing the budget bomb.

Bloated Alberta Budget 2011-2012 –

Frasor Institute – Average Canadian family pays more in taxes than it does for food, clothing, and shelter combined

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Written by Ken McGregor

May 15, 2011 at 9:03 am

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