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Alberta – Are The TORIES History?

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After 40 years in power is the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party on its way out the door. If History give us a clue, it could just be the case.

Alberta’s first provincial election was called for November 9, 1905, with A.C. Rutherford’s Liberal Party winning 23 of the 25 seats. Successive victories in 1909,1013,and 1917 kept the Liberals in power for 16 years until their downfall in 1921. Their demise was mainly due to Falling grain prices and the inability to finance all the proposed irrigation
projects in southern Alberta . In 1921 disgruntled Albertans, feeling the government was ineffective, elected the  United Grain Farmers into power sending the Liberals into the  political history book.

When the UFA party took power life was good. Oil was bringing in the jobs and money. It couldn’t get better. But when the great depression hit in 1930 many Albertans where in dire straights and looking for a new government that could give them answers. Caught in bad times and scandal the UFA was defeated by the Social Credit Party in 1935 and like the Liberals in 1921 were sent packing never to be heard of again.

The Social Credit Party led by William Aberhart, began its long  36 year reign in power from 1935 to 1971. throughout its tenure big oil discoveries turned Alberta into a booming province, Premier Manning was able to meet all the demands of Albertans that kept him in power for 6 terms. But even though the Social Credit was doing well, by 1971 the voters were looking for a more younger inspirational leader with new ideas. The Social Credit seemed old and tired without any plan for the future. In 1971 a new fresh Conservative Party led by Peter Lougheed walked away with the election and like all its predecessors the Social Credit Party disappeared.

So , is it the Tories time to head to dust bin like all the parties before them?  The Alberta Conservative Party, after being in power for 40 years, is looking old and tired without any real plan for the future. Albertans, like in the past, are again looking for a party with a strong plan and leadership that can give them security and well-being as they move into the future.

Just like in the past there are some new upstart parties like the Wildrose Alliance a vibrant conservative alternative. Will this new party, like the Social Credit and NFA in past history, put the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party to pasture? If the past history tells the story it looks like the end could be near for the Alberta PC’s.

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Written by Ken McGregor

May 16, 2011 at 10:53 pm

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