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Are Albertan’s Sheep?

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Ontario spends over 62% of its budget on just 2 items , education and healthcare i

As the world becomes ever more mired in debt and moving toward bankruptcy are Albertans following along  like sheep demanding the government spend more on education, healthcare and other government services pushing us over the edge and towards never-ending deficits? Ontario and Quebec are already well on their way to being swallowed up, like many European countries and the US, by their huge debt loads thanks to the their public’s never-ending appetite for government services. Can Albertan’s stop its runaway spending before its to late?

Interesting Fact:  Ontario (population 13 million) has debt of $220-billion (Canadian) – $16,900 per person.

Interesting Fact : Quebec’s debt reached $218.5 billion in 2010 growing by $22 million a day, or $15,175 a minute.

In Europe the growing debt crisis is gathering speed like wildfire, hitting countries like Italy, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Portugal. Even with this crises looming the citizens don’t seem to get it. They are still demanding more services and money from their governments (like Ontario and Quebec) even though they are broke and have to borrow the money to stay afloat. Spain just ousted their government when it tried to implement an austerity program. They just won’t take less. This attitude of entitlement is going to sink their ship.

So, Are Albertans starting to think they are entitled to unlimited government services (health care, education , pensions ) like our European friends? If the size of our budget and deficit is any indicator the answer is yes. With $39 billion forecast in expense in 2011-12 and only $35.6 billion forecast revenue in 2011-12 , Albertans  continue to demand more health care and education funds regardless of whether they can pay for it ( Presently 65% of the Alberta budget consist of only 2 items, health care and education). Albertans just keep demanding that the government keep on spending just like Ontario and Quebec, instead of demanding they stick to a balanced budget.

If Albertans don’t have another economic boom and keep their wild spending spree habits for more and more government services, higher taxes and fees are coming. Instead of just being sheep and following all the other debt ridden provinces and European countries we should take a leadership role like we did when we paid off the provincial debt and say no to over spending and yes to a balanced budget. Our government will only stop the spending and keep an balanced budget when we tell them to.

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Written by Ken McGregor

May 23, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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