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Are Enviormental Groups Paid By US Interests To Stop Alberta Oil?

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After reading articles written by Vivian Krause (National Post), I was shocked to hear that paid environmental groups funded by US foundations are trying to influence the upcoming BC election so they can stop the shipping of oil from the BC coast. Stopping the oil shipments is not for an environmental purpose but an excuse to secure a US  oil supply for their future, by controlling the Alberta Oil Sands shipping routes. Krause found Tides Canada (funded by large US foundations ) and Tides U.S. have funded at least 36 organizations that campaign against Alberta oil.  Four of these US foundations alone have assets of about $22 billion. These environmental groups are being paid to stack the deck against Alberta.

Presently Alberta has very limited options to export their oil. Enbridge is trying to get approval to build a pipeline from Edmonton to Kitimat BC. This pipeline would be used to ship Oil Sands oil.  Today there are facilities being built at Kitimat for LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) that can be ready for tankers sometime in 2013. Environmentalist had no problem with tankers sailing up the Fraser river with LNG but when it comes to oil sand oil they are doing everything possible to stop it. Alberta is also lobbing for the Key-Stone pipeline to be built to Huston Texas to ship oil sands oil. Oddly enough the environmental objections seem to being trailing off since President Obama said he is in favor of building. So, it seems its OK to export oil as long as it all goes to the US. This has to be very troubling for Alberta’s future.

If there is evidence of a foreign-funded campaigns meddling in the Canadian political process to pick leaders and parties sympathetic to banning Alberta oil shipments from BC, it should be exposed and stopped. Canadians are being conned by these environmental groups that are protecting US interests.

Alberta is in the midst of picking leadership candidates for the Liberals, PC’s and the Alberta Party. Hopefully Albertans can see through this environmental con and make sure we vote in leaders that will work for Alberta interests and promote our resource products. If the US funded environmentalist are influencing BC elections it is happening here in Alberta.

36 organizations that campaign against Alberta oil sands

National Post –

Organizing For Change –

Research of Vivian Krause –

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Written by Ken McGregor

May 24, 2011 at 8:28 am

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  1. Let’s not get more confusion. Some of these US organizations (Sierra Club, Forest Conservation, etc.) are against oil, not against Alberta oil.

    Pascal Lapointe

    May 25, 2011 at 7:13 am

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