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Alberta – What! Hospital Emergency and No Waiting!

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Two week ago my  wife  and I had a heart wrenching experience when my brother-in-law starting clutching his chest and became short of breath. Since he is in good shape and was just out there playing soccer a few days prior, it never dawned on us he may be having heart problems. It wasn’t until he went out to the front yard that I saw him lying on the lawn that I knew something was very wrong. When I ran back into the house my wife already called a taxi ( in the panic she forgot about an ambulance) to take him to  emergency at the Foothills hospital in Calgary. Luckly the taxi arrived in under 5 minutes, and seeing the situation the taxi driver hightailed off to the hospital , only getting one red light. Amazing. usually I get all the red light.

Arriving at the Foothills emergency my wife and brother-in-law made their way to the emergency admitting window. It’s at this point the waiting usually begins. Not this time. As soon as the staff saw the situation and this was a real emergency, they had him whisked through the doors onto a bed where a team of 7 swarmed around him doing test. Within 3 hours he was on the operating table getting double bypass surgery.  4 hours of surgery and all went well.

This experience brings me to wonder why all the opposition political parties in Alberta are scaring Albertans by telling us how bad our emergency system is. Its clear, if someone has a real emergency they will be taken care of quickly and professionally. No wait time. This is the third time our family has had an emergency, all of taken care of quickly.

If our politicians what to do something constructive other than just complain about long wait times, they might want to take a trip down to the emergency and hang around there for an evening. I think they will find not all people sitting around are real emergencies. Having the sniffels or the flue should be treated else where. As for real emergencies I for one have no complaints .

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Written by Ken McGregor

July 15, 2011 at 4:47 pm

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