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Alberta Oil Sands – by Pipe, Rail, or Truck ,It’s going to the US

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After the embarrassing environmental showing in Ottawa last week , protesting the Key Stone Pipeline, it’s  becoming obvious that the opposition to the Alberta Oil Sands is dying down. With only a few hundred protesters showing up, that were actually against the oil sands , the organizers must be reeling from disappointment. Unfortunately for them their disappointment is going to get a whole lot worse when they realize that the Oil Sands is going to flow to the US regardless of the pipeline.

With the US  consumption of fuel increasing daily and the turmoil around the world they need a secure supply of fuel for some time to come. It will take decades just to develop  an alternative energy that can compete with oil. Thus the Oil Sands are here to stay. The US can’t sit back and pretend they have enough energy without oil to move ahead into the future. One way or another the Alberta Oil Sands will flow in to the US be it by rail, ship,truck or pipe.

Some interesting data from the US State Department suggest that by 2030 the Railway could move 1.25 million barrels of Oil Sands daily to the US. This is double the amount that the Key Stone Pipeline planned to move. Of course big oil is against the idea and would rather see a pipeline since they don’t want the railways muscling  into their business and profits. But, if the Keystone is not approved this is clearly a plan B for the oil sands.

With a possible election coming up in Alberta it would be informative if the leaders from all Alberta parties would state their party plan to support and  promote rail as a source of transportation to move the oil sands to the US  ,or if not rail, what their Plan B is if the Keystone pipeline is not approved by the US . With out the Oil Sands Alberta’s spending will take a big hit and with it all the great social programs all parties are planning to spend on.

So you oil sands protesters, better find something else to protest. Game over.

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Written by Ken McGregor

September 28, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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