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The Great Canadian Hand-out

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It’s no secret that the government is doling out the cash at an ever accelerating rate to an expanding number of Canadians depended on government funds to help support their living . And it’s also no secret that most WORKING Canadians are working more for the government to support their hand outs and less for themselves and their families due to ever-increasing taxes burden.(Everything you earned up to June 5th went to taxes to the various governments That’s over 40% of your income gone to taxes and fees). So the question is, why do so many Canadians need this never-ending cash infusion from the government? Why can’t they fend for them selves? What happened?

First on my list is the term entrepreneurship seems to have disappeared from our language. Today’s parents are telling their  kids that if they go to school and get a good education they will get a good job.  Kids are not being told, get a good education so they will be able  create a job for themselves. Self-employment seems to be frowned upon. If you’re not working for someone you’re a failure. Since the vast majority of students do not go to university or college, Parents should be providing their kids with the tools to make a living by the time they leave school rather than having them beg for a job when they finish. If they can’t find a job, enter the government with barrels of taxpayers cash, either to create jobs or provide the training. Parents have to start taking a lead in teaching their kids. If they don’t , the government will take over the job making them evermore dependent on the government to care for them.

Second on my list is the government themselves. Decades of  never-ending handouts to get votes. Over the years the voters have been programmed that the government knows best. Unemployment insurance, healthcare,welfare,immigration handouts. The list goes on. All of these programs have been nothing but huge inefficient money pits. But the public keeps on buying in even though Canada and most of the provinces are broke, in debt and running deficits. To get off the hand out train the public has to start taking on more responsibility for their own welfare. If we leave our  welfare up to the government we will end up like Greece, BROKE.

Last on my short list is the Education System.  One high school teacher asked me why I took the risk of starting my own business when I could be employed by someone else. I replied, I was the someone else. The point being teacher’s of today only teach kids to work for someone else. They have no expertise to challenge students minds to be another Steve Jobs. 12 to 13 years in high school and students graduate with no meaningful way to make a living. This is a sure way to end up welfare. Just look at the occupy movement. Who are they asking to give them a job and money? The government. Blaming success to justify their failure. Unfortunately their failure was pushed along by our educators.

We need voters to vote for politician that will  reduce the role of government and give us back freedoms to make more choices. Maybe its to late and we have already past the tipping point, slipping toward a European style mess. Sure hope not.

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Written by Ken McGregor

December 31, 2011 at 7:42 pm

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