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Alberta’s (Redfords) Lost PC’s

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The last real vision that I can remember that the PC party of Alberta had, was Ralph Kline’s push to get Alberta out of debt. At the time Alberta had a $23 billion debt and growing after the disastrous Don Getty years. When we were ask to vote for them we knew exactly what we were getting, a debt free Alberta. Today Alison Redford and her PC’s are getting ready for an election sometime in the new year and I have no idea what they really stand for. If you asked me to come up with a sentence describing what the PC’s big issue is I can’t do it. If you ask me about the Liberals it easy,they own the Health Care issue. the Wild Rose Party, fiscal management and property rights. But the PC’s I’m drawing a blank.

In the latest Alberta bashing by Chiquita Banana against our oil sands ,Premier Redford and her PC’s didn’t even come to the defence of Alberta. Instead she sided with the environmentalist trying to destroy the Alberta Oil patch by saying “the fruit giant’s comments about Canada’s oil sands are getting blown out of proportion and that the company is merely “concerned with environmental outcomes” and “just wants to do better.” Premier Redford is the first Alberta premier that doesn’t seem to get that she’s working for the people of Alberta not Afghanistan or some far off 3rd world country that she may be use to. It sounded like she just doesn’t believe in the Oil Sands Alberta’s greatest resource. This Liberal attitude of Redford and her PC’s is becoming very disturbing. Are the PC’s and Redford still conservatives or have they lost their way? In the next election is Redford asking the voters to vote for a real conservative party or just a shell that has been voted in by Liberals, NDP thinkers and a few old-time left overs ? The following is an example of one of many  twitter conversation I had with a so-called PC member who voted for Alison Redford at the convention. This shows that the PC party has clearly been sabotaged and is now being run by the left-wing.

Maryanne Kuzio@mkuzio1 Jan@albertasoapbox @wordpressdotcom I am liberal who voted for Redford-will support her in next election-She return ed funding that was ……

Al@albertasoapbox22h @mkuzio @wordpressdotcom as a liberal why are you voting in a PC convention.?

Maryanne Kuzio@mkuzio4h@albertasoapbox @wordpressdotcom It is my chance to vote for Premier-very rare in Alberta-I’m impressed with Redford_actual vote will be NDP

I have no doubt that Redford is a smart person but is she really up to the job of promoting Alberta’s biggest resource the Oil Sands  after the debacle with Chiquita. She clearly has her moral doubts about promoting our resource.  And is Redford and her crew up to the job of keeping Alberta free of debt. After promising millions to teachers I have my doubts that she can control herself when it comes to spending. In todays harsh economy having a spendthrift at the helm of Alberta spells disaster.

The PC party as we use to know it  is gone. Lost to the left. No longer a conservative party, it leaves its conservative members that supported it out in the cold and in search of a party that holds their values.  Conservatism is what made Alberta great. Still Debt free we  have a chance to continue a winning tradition to make Alberta greater by voting  in a new real conservative government  , the Wild Rose Party . Handing Alison Redford the reins to Alberta mean more tax and higher debt like  Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal Ontario which is $50 billion in debt and drowning.

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2 Responses

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  1. For heaven’s sake will you please get it right? It was not enviros that supported Chiquita, it was Levant and his “ethical oil” that brought up the issue. I don’t remember seeing a single enviro comment supporting Chiquita. Redford obviously had no idea about Chiquita’s history when she made her uninformed comments, but didn’t hesitate to make them anyway. Credibility lost big time.


    January 2, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    • Chiquita, Lush and the other 13 other corporations that have debased the Alberta Oil sands for their own gain is another great topic Albertans should be aware of. Sun News has really not scratched the surface. Unfortunately the topic has to be for another day. Thank you for your comment.


      January 2, 2012 at 8:55 pm

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