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Provincial Financial Woes – Who’s To Blame?

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Barely a day goes by when I don’t hear or see some broadcaster , news paper or individual berating government for wasteful spending, taxing us to much or rebuke the rich or corporation for taking all the money that should have gone to the little people who deserve it. Though there may be some truth to the above , that’s not the real problem to the average guys financial woes and Canada’s.

The last two provincial elections demonstrated what the average folk really want. As soon as there was a bit of a scare that there may be some cut backs in anything the majority flocked to the party that promised them the most. It was less than amusing to see the stuffy wore out Dalton McGuinty’s liberal party get back in to power but it did. So I can hardily blame them for spending more and blowing up the deficit. The voters asked them to.

Again , Alberta had a chance to vote in a new government after a 41 year reign of the Progressive Conservative party. The PCs had a good run for the first 30 years thanks mostly to oil and gas revenue, but the last 10 years lost its fiscal way  spending almost all its energy revenue and forgetting about it heritage fund that was supposed to fund the future when oil ran out. 41 years later and Alberta is still depend on Oil and gas and the US for a market. The PC party clearly ran our of gas and should have been changed. The Wild Rose Party offered a fresh look and a strong fiscal plan to move Alberta forward into the future. There chances of winning were good until the final week when the majority concluded that a real Conservative party wasnt quite ready to govern, and accepting the billions in goodies being handed out by the PCs Party to win the election. No thought was given to how irresponsible it was to borrow on revenue that may or may not come in , in the future. Now the Alberta PCs have over 60 seat allowing them cartes blanches to do what ever they want, and since the majority of Alberta voters voted them in, the PCS will spend as instructed.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest needs to call an election by 2013. Bet I can guess whats going to happen there. With a provincial attitude of give me more, I doubt there will be any austerity program, just a lot more handouts to please the voters. Just like Greece there is riots in the streets. How can any government say no to the voters. Better to spend until the house of card falls down then face the rath of the public, again just like Greece and many other European countries we seem to aspire to follow.

So, who’s really to blame for deficit budgets and billions in wild spending?

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