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The Climate Change Mystery And The Keystone Quagmire

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climate3Obama and the environmentalists have clearly drawn a line in the sand opposing the Keystone Pipeline and are most likely going to drag the approval out until the issue either disappears or is tossed into a quagmire of the climate change bureaucracy until the next election. There is nothing to gain for Obama now that he has won his last term so there is no reason to upset the environmentalist movement and the Democrat electorial base. If he is going to pass the Keystone there is going to have to be a prize for the environmental community tagged on to the approval. This prize, most likely significant action on climate change and clean energy, will be shuffled over to the Republican court for them to approve, which may be too much for them to stomach, putting them in an awkward position. I think this is why they are trying to pass the pipeline through the Senate forcing Obama once again to veto, letting the Republicans off the hook. The Republicans don’t want to look like the villains for squashing the pipeline because of some other issues tied to climate they oppose. If the Republicans approve the pipeline with climate strings attached it’s a win for Obama. If Obama doesn’t approve the pipeline it’s also a win. Obama wins either way.

The mystery seems to be why Obama and his government has such a push on the climate change issues and green energy. Both side of the climate debate have some points. As it is true that CO2 has increased significantly, the temperature has not increased as one would have thought. There has been no statistically significant increase in annual global temperatures since 1997. Higher CO2 and no increase in temperature is a puzzle that needs an explanation from a neutral source. If the earth is in a climate transformation is it really warming, cooling or is it all just propaganda to collect a carbon tax for some mysterious use.? The global warming/cooling contradiction might be why the Obama administration is in a hurry to be self-sufficient in energy since they feel that something is happening but don’t know what. Maybe Obama thinks being self-sufficient in energy regardless of cooling or warming is a win win. If we are entering a global cooling phase hitching your wagon to the oil sands might not be a good idea if its to cold to pipe. What ever he’s thinking , I doubt the public has all the facts. climate4

But for Alberta it’s probably best to exhilarate the process of finding a new route for the oil sands oil and diversifying our economy. Regardless of the Keystone pipeline, train can do the same job as the pipeline to the US. It’s a little more costly but the OIL WILL FLOW. Selling our oil means a lot more to Canadians than to Obama and his administration. Alberta is going to ship all the oil we can to the US and Obama knows it. The US is our only customer. What I would like to see is more action on the west to east Canadian pipeline. So far little is being talked about. So how about it politicians? How about getting energized and getting the job done for Canadians before the potential customers like China go somewhere else.

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Written by Ken McGregor

March 18, 2013 at 8:29 pm

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