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Is Alberta moving toward a Welfare State?

Looking at the 2013 Alberta tax plan information and seeing that close to 50% of the income earners don’t pay tax, I find it harder to believe that we are not headed down the rabbit hole to high debt and creeping liberal socialism since 1/2 the income earners have nothing to lose and no incentive to control or question government spending or even vote.

Alberta Budget 2013 Tax Plan – Income Earner Pie Chart (page 116)

With increasing misinformation and a lack of media attention to report facts like this, the public is not getting the true picture on our fiscal situation of who’s actually paying for it. This lack of factual information is leading public thought to thinking the upper income earners and corporations are not paying their fair share when in fact they are shouldering 97% of the tax burden and 78% of the Alberta budget revenue. These figures show the upper income earners are paying their fair share contrary to the news media hype to the contrary . The federal figures also show a similar trend. Like Greece, we are going to find there is only so much the corporations and upper income earners can be milked to keep the welfare state going before we also fail.


Its Time For Albertans to stop being sheep and know the facts

What’s hard to understand is why these facts are not being more openly published and discussed by our media. Knowing who’s footing the bill is important for all concerned. How can the public make an informed decision when voting without these facts?

A few of the political parties may find it convenient to exclude the these facts since they specifically cater to the lower 50% of the income earners . It would be a hard sell to blame the rich and corporation for not paying their fair share if the public knew the facts. Also keeping the upper 50% of the income earners in the dark keeps them paying. Many upper income earners don’t know they are footing the tax bill. They believe all earners are paying a fair share. Unfortunately for them it’s not true.

The nagging question is , how much tax can the upper 50% shoulder to support our ever-growing government budget? I think we are quickly coming to the maximum. Presently the average taxpayer in Canada is already paying 44% of their income toward tax to the 3 levels of government plus fees. Again this important fact is not widely published and debated in the media. Why?

The Alberta Government has to start facing the facts and be fourth coming to the taxpayers. We simply can’t continue pretending there is an endless supply of tax dollars and relying on only 50% of the income earners to pay the tab. Albertans have to get engaged and start a conversation on where the future income is going to come from to finance the education and health care monster’s that has been created, that is eating up close to 60% of our budget. We simply can’t let the Redford government  borrow billion to supplement our budget. Borrowing is not the answerer, and in the long run will put us on the same path as Ontario that has charged $250 billion to its citizens who now have no way out except to suffer a tough austerity program or vote for a social type government (liberal/NDP) to continue the sham until all falls apart like Greece or Detroit. It really can happen to us.

Since we can’t rely on the media to bring this type of information forward, hopefully Albertans will start digging up the facts for themselves and passing the information along through social media. Understanding where our future money is coming from to finance our province is to important to be ignored.

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Written by Ken McGregor

October 20, 2013 at 2:09 pm

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