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Liberal Cool-Aid, Buyer’s Beware!

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JT’s Liberal Election Slogan

Canadian Liberal policies are designed to convince as many people as possible that they are victims of the system. Today their party slogan is ‘the middle class needs a raise’ . At the same time of trumpeting their slogan, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau hires a tax and spend advisor Chrystia Freeland to offer him advice on how to help Canadian families.  But, instead of helping, based on her now famous quote on MSNBC, “amen to raising taxes”, there seems to be a clear message that the only raise the middle class will be getting is a raise in their cost of living if the Liberals gain power in 2015, due to planed business tax increases (tax the rich) and her pro CO2 tax stance. So, will the middle class connect the dots and drink the Liberal cool aid and believe they’re getting a raise in their income or see through the Liberal flim-flam that cost are going up and their wallets are going to be picked.

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‘POT’ – The liberal 2015 Election Financial Plan For Canada

Trudeau’s pot position is another bit of  nonsense just to keep the public occupied so they don’t notice that he has no real policy on anything. Months have gone by and the public is still debating on legalizing pot or not. Trudeau himself has not brought forward any facts on the subject, just that he supports the legalization/taxation approach. Will the public buy his song and dance with no facts? Guess we will just have to wait and see, since Trudeau doesn’t seem to have any plans to let us in on how he’s going to implement  his drug plan and at what cost. Personally, I don’t believe he cares less about the subject. It was just a ploy to keep the public distracted.  Wonder if pot smoking is the type of advise author turned economic advisor, Chrystia Freeland is offering Trudeau on how to help Canadian families? Bet she doesn’t care about pot either.

Contrary to Trudeau’s Liberal economic ‘pot’ plan, it has not been accepted by all. The  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA has very little convincing evidence that pot is even useful as a medicine. They also feel smoking is a poor way to deliver medicine. Personally I don’t think personal consumption of pot should be a criminal offence, but I also think it’s ridicules for any party to make it the focus of their economic plan. Canadian Buyer’s, get the facts, before buying into this populist Liberal policy.

Myth: Marijuana Is Medicine Reality: Smoked Marijuana is Not Medicine

Another smoke screen (no pun indented) the Liberals are throwing up is their outrage over the senate and blaming Harper for all its ills, as if they don’t have their own Liberal senator in jail for misusing the system and another just under investigation for using his tax payer staff to do personal errands like walk his dog. Again, the only policy today the Liberals have is to hood wink the public so they don’t see the empty shell the liberal party is. All Canadian senators should be given the boot regardless of what party they are from. But again the media and the Liberal Party just sluff off their own wrong doing with their usual double standards. Again, if your thinking of buying into the Liberal dogma, beware!

Former Liberal senator Raymond Lavigne Jailed

The real reason for all the Liberal Flim-Flam is the Liberal’s can’t find any fault in the way the economy and the way Canadian affairs are being managed ,so they have nit pick on the small stuff to find fault to embarrass the Conservative Government. With the Canadian economy being one of the best in the world, a new European free trade deal and with no action plan of their own what’s a Liberal to do? Why, make up stuff.

With their media friends ready to pronounce every Liberal word as gospel and a famous name leading the party, what would Justin Trudeau and his band of Liberal radicals need a real plan for? If they keep pouring sugar in the cool-aid will the public to keep drinking?

So, before you drown yourself in Liberal Cool-Aid, or if your a middle class women hand over $250 for drinks with Justin, you had better checks their facts. If you vote Liberal in 2015, Its buyer beware.

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Written by Ken McGregor

November 7, 2013 at 3:31 pm

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