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There’s No Economic Utopia

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Europe is in a mess under the Liberal third way

Europe is in a mess under the Liberal third way

So many people today are tweeting and blogging about their political views, trashing politicians, chastising corporations for being greedy and demanding change without fully understanding what their options are for success. The problem with not being informed in the facts is that you just may get something worse to replace what you’re complaining about , you know “‘Murphy’s Law’ , if it can get worse it will”. So before you jump on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s bandwagon and the liberal ideology ‘The Middle Way’ also named the ‘Third Way’ ,check it out and decide for yourself if egalitarianism will actually work for Canada over free enterprise .

The problem with egalitarianism is that it can mean different things. It can mean  supporting equal opportunity which supports the idea that everybody should have the right to prosper without being hindered, which Milton Friedman agrees with, or it can mean that the government alone promotes the prosperity for all (equality of outcome) which Keynes believes in. To me, when there is such a difference in meaning for the same word and they are miles apart, it can lead Canadians on a path they didn’t expect. You vote for one thing and end up supporting political ideas you never intended to.

Conservatives on the other hand who advocate a watered down Laissez-faire (let us do it) capitalism, more in the line of what Milton Friedman supports, advocates for an economic environment in which transactions between private parties are reasonably free from government made restrictions. In other words the less government the better. Just let people mind their business. This allows everybody to have an equal opportunity. When government get involved in making to many restrictions it’s usually the little guy that get squeezed out while big business can afford to absorb the cost of the restrictions and grow bigger. The bottom line is Government with their interference creates monopolies and makes it extremely hard for small business and individual’s to succeed.

Europe has been practicing different forms of the Liberal Third Way for decades. As we can see for ourselves in recent years Europe is not in great shape. Greece is bankrupt, Spain is on its knees with other European countries not far behind. The governments in these countries just made it to difficult for business to be prosperous. Without business operating profitably there is no money for anyone. liberal Egalitarianism (the third way) started out to be a socially responsible ideology looking after the citizens and ended up bankrupting millions. We actually have our own Liberal mess in Ontario. The Liberal government in thinking they were doing good for all , have ruined the economy. It is now over $250 billion in debt. Quebec is in the same mess. These Liberal Third Way policies have proven not to be good for Canada.

As we can see, without defining exactly what Liberal Altruist Egalitarianism is, Canadians could, and very likely will end up in the same mess as Europe. The fact is there is no ‘utopia’ when it comes to political ideology. But the conservative way has been the best we have to give us the best standard of living. There are very few countries operating better than Canada which has been under conservative stewardship through some very rough times, second only to the 1929 depression.

Trudeau’s Liberal altruist egalitarians appear to be pursuing a path to make all equal (probably lower middle class). This type of governing takes away the incentive for the smart, hardworking enterprisers to create jobs by taxing away their rewards.

Hopefully voters will see through this Liberal and NDP contrived doctrine and let free enterprise rein after the 2015 federal election. I  hope so, especially for the younger generations sake.

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Written by Ken McGregor

March 14, 2014 at 7:39 pm

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