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co2If governments and politicians were so concerned about CO2 creating global warming, why don’t they do something real about it. We are told if we don’t reduce our global CO2 emission quickly that the world’s atmosphere will deteriorate causing a global catastrophe. Yet, with this huge catastrophe coming down on man kind , the only advise from all the great minds in the world can give us, is to charge a CO2 tax and set up some windmills and solar panels to reduce the CO2 emissions. Yes, were all going to suffer greatly so we had better increase taxes. What Bull shit. The fact is, CO2 emissions can be and could have been reduced dramatically by only making a few adjustments on how we use energy and supply energy. With this pending climate holocaust coming down on us, you would think governments officials from around the world would be scrambling to shut down CO2 emissions regardless of the economic consequences. But there not.

Just a simple thing like legislating the mileage that passenger cars get to 40 mpg from the average today of 22 mpg would reduce automobile CO2 emission by 50% . Since 60 percent of U.S. transportation emissions come from cars and light trucks, why hasn’t this been done? The US government bought over 50% of GM shares during the downturn in 2008 and could have easily insisted on better fuel mileage, but they didn’t.  Why? Because Governments just don’t believe in man-made climate change.

And how about the hundreds of coal-burning power plants presently being built around the world that will, instead of reducing CO2 emissions, will produce hundreds of tons of CO2 , when they can all be replaced by clean Thorium Nuclear power, to which there is no major barriers to the technology. Presently  China & India Are Building 4 New Coal Power Plants every week. This doesn’t sound to me like a serious effort to  reduce CO2 emission’s and save the planet. Sounds like more bull shit to me.

Here is an interesting video on what happened to the clean burning Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor. Worth a watch to see how politics can get in the way of a good idea. We wouldn’t be talking of a CO2 problem if it weren’t for US President Nixon and Obama playing politics.

The planet has all the technology and tools of government we need to reduce CO2 emission’s without out converting to an interesting, but impractical wind and solar power energy if we really desired to. All Gore and his government/industrialist cohort’s have been preaching for years of a pending climate apocalypse,but doing little about. You would think that the impending collapse of civilization would require a little more action than promoting wind, solar and a big fat tax. Sounds more like some folks are looking for a big fat profit for themselves. More political bull shit.

CO2 may be a problem with the environment. If it is, the action of the world leaders suggest they are definitely not taking it seriously, which make me question if all their rederic on global warming is nothing but, and I say it again, bull shit.



Written by Ken McGregor

April 26, 2014 at 6:07 pm

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  1. I live in Fort McMurray, in seven years our population grew by thrtiy five thousand. Just now they are attempting to build over passes makes for a nice trip to work in the mornings where a matter of five minutes is the difference between nothing to full out rush hours. forget new housing, unless your sure you can work pretty much in your sleep. our roads don’t like spring. cost of living keeps everybody financed to the max, most revenue is carted away out of the area, ie. wal mart., lineups onto the streets at tim hortons, and a population that lives around shift work. But if you like cocaine head on up, its everywhere. Its the drug of choice, the industrial plants catch more than their share of the typical wknd/ evening toker, with pre employment urine tests. with the hard user’s knowingly using drugs that leave the system quicker.Fort McMurray does have a lot to offer if you come with a plan, if your single and male, come find a camp job, if your married and leaving the family behind plan for a fast and planned exit. The cost of living levels some of the best wages to other area’s in Canada, Mcleans’s just stated that we canadians live 20 percent below american living standards. What I mean is find what you need but don’t get blinded by the fools gold. We’ve a history of gold rushes. It would also be pretty ignorant of the moderator not to allow this to display.


    July 7, 2014 at 11:43 pm

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