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Liberal Christian Bashing

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islam 01Religion is a topic I rarely get involved in, simply because there has been so many people involved in writing the bible, giving it their own spin, it makes it hard to believe that its a divine document . Just the fact the Mary Magdalene’s manuscript was excluded from the bible because she was a women sounds a little more political than divine. Also, over the 1,500 years that it took to write the 66 books that made up the bible by some 40 authors , it just seems logical there were personal and politics influences. But is this scepticism any reason to bully and ridicule Christians as the left wing has been doing in Canada and throughout World?

On the flip side, Islam seems to be flourishing with little resistance. Trudeau and Obama both are shamelessly catering to Muslims regardless of the atrocities, being committed in the name of Islam. It’s getting hard to understand why Trudeau and Obama can be so anti Christian and pro Muslim.

The Quran is the bible that Muslims follow and the good book Trudeau and Obama don’t seem to have a problem with. Muslims believe that the Quran was verbally revealed from God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel over approximately 23 years. Muslims also believe this is the only version from god that has not been altered, unlike the Christian bible. But, like the Christian bible Muhammad had his helpers to help write down gods message leaving room for scepticism just like the Christian bible. But no Islam bashing from Obama or Trudeau. Instead, they call Islam one of the great religions, while doing their best to rid Canada and the US of Christian values and roots.

Today over 50% of the worlds 1.6 billion Muslims (24% of the world’s population) live in the poorest countries  like Afghanistan 5%, Indonesia  12.7% , Pakistan(11.0%), India . (10.9%), and Bangladesh (9.2%) with another large portion living in unstable Arab countries like Iran, Iraqi  etc..  The poorest of the poor or war-torn countries. It’s obvious that Islam is not the road to follow to freedom and prosperity. It’s also obvious from ISIS actions, that Trudeau’s policy of just being nice to Iran, ISIS, Hamas etc. is not going to stop there march toward a world of Islam

Take away the Christian bible and Christianity and something else will fill the void. Since the beginning of time people have wanted something or someone to believe in and give them hope. I think the Christian bible and what it represents has given the world it’s best bet for progress over the centuries. Now since Christianity is under attack by the Liberal establishment we will be left with a regressive religion, Islam, and what it represents. With the decline of Christianity, Islam now has a good chance to continue to grow in numbers and influence, and fill the void, thus becoming the religion of choice, especially among the poorer nations.

It’s probably not the new world order that Trudeau and his New Wave very left leaning Liberal party were hoping for under the UN, but by not taking the threat of ISIS and its backers seriously, and playing politics with the issue, they undermine our Canadian government and their allies, helping Islam spread, creating  some very serious problems for Canadians.


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Written by Ken McGregor

October 5, 2014 at 7:24 pm

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