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Protesting Tim Horton’s

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timsYesterday Tim Horton’s coffee franchise decided to pull all Enbridge advertising from it’s in house TV’s. Swayed by an environmental  lobby group calling itself “Sum of Us” that supposedly raised 28,000 signatures against the Enbridge advertisements, Tim Horton’s capitulated and withdrew all Enbridge advertisement’s.  When I say supposedly raised 28,000 signatures I am thinking that many of these signatures most likely came from there environmental friends which slogan is “People before Profits”. But the bottom line is Tim Horton’s made a decision to condemn 10’s of thousands of workers that work in the oil and gas industry, expecting the same workers to support their coffee business. But from what I’m seeing, hard-working Canadian’s are saying ‘why should we’ with thousands on twitter voicing their disapproval and a protest in Calgary today. Considering their was no parking near the Tim Horton’s where the protest took place, 40-50 were able to still able to attend.

If the ‘Sum Of Us’ and Tim Horton’s did a little homework they would of found that Enbridge is one of Canada’s largest pipeline companies that move over 100 separate commodities around North America and employ’s over 11,000 direct workers plus the thousands employed in indirect job creation. It all adds up to a lot of workers that most likely wont be visiting Tm Horton’s any time soon. Sounds like a PR disaster for Tim’s.

Enbridge also has a $44-billion slate of energy infrastructure projects in development and execution, of which $34-billion have already commercially been secured and projected to be in service by the end of 2018. What has US Based Tim Horton’s and ‘Sum Of US’ got to offer Canadians? The answer is no jobs or low paying part-time jobs in a donut shop. That doesn’t sound like a very god trade-off to me.

Aside from Elbridge’s pipeline business, its heavily invested in the wind, solar, geothermal, power transmission, and other alternative energy projects in Canada and the United States. Does the ‘Sum Of Us’ or Tim Horton’s know this. Did they do any research before they decided to bash Canadian jobs? Enbridge has over 14 wind farms, 4 solar operations plus geothermal projects and waste heat recovery systems pumping out over 2200 MW of power. That’s enough power up over 750,000 homes.  Countless communities benefit from increased tax revenue and infrastructure, which enhance their community life. Why on earth would anyone who makes money on in-house advertising like Tim Horton’s not what to advertise this achievement? I’m stunned.

The environmental radical group “Sum of Us”  doesn’t benefit Canadians in any way. Their sole purpose is to shut down Canadian oil and jobs. Only in Canada do you find this onslaught of radicals environmentalist.  Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and others around the world seem to be off the hook. Why? Maybe because Canadian oil will interfere with their market share and price-fixing. Allowing Canadian oil outside of North America just hasn’t been in the cards.

On the other hand, US company Tim Horton’s does benefit Canada with 3365 of its 4000 operations in Canada and 2300+- employee’s. Even though the jobs aren’t great paying jobs they still put money in Canadians pockets. With the vast majority of their income coming from Canada why  in the world are they taking the side of an US environmental group “Sum of Us” and slamming thousands of good paying Canadian jobs from a Canadian pipeline companies.

If Tim Horton’s wants Canadians to support them I would suggest they start supporting Canadian companies and Canadian jobs. With most of their income coming from Canada they have  lot to loose.

protest01And, bravo to the organizer of the Calgary boycott Tim’s protest in Calgary. As I mentioned above if there had been more parking (boycott on busy intersection) there would have been a lot more participating. Keep up the good work.


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Written by Ken McGregor

June 5, 2015 at 5:15 pm

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