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Alberta’s Fair Share

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alberta-oil.jpgNow the elections are over in Alberta and Canada I’ve got a question regarding Alberta oil sands I still don’t have the answers to.¬†¬†We were told Alberta oil has nothing to worry about with a new Liberal government. To some degree I agree. The oil we are shipping now will most likely continue. We might even get the west to east pipeline¬†that will at least replace foreign oil coming into eastern Canada. ¬†Trudeau said he supports the Keystone XL , conditionally supports Trans Mountain expansion but¬†opposes Northern Gateway , and¬†has been confusing regarding¬†Energy East to New Brunswick. Not all bad. But why is the Alberta oil sands still in the dog house while other world oil-producing countries like Iran and¬†Venezuela can produce what they want WITH NO PROTEST?

Is World Poverty The Cause?

This might seem preposterous at first glance,¬†but with the UN’s big push to end poverty within the next ten years, restricting OIL wealth coming into Alberta¬†by decreasing our output is a good way to transfer wealth, leaving us just enough oil sales to sustain ourselves. This gives other nations¬†in more¬†needy regions a market share¬†to reap the rewards. Maybe it’s been decided by the UN that Alberta has enough wealth and its time to share. It’s interesting that in the UN Agenda 2030 they speak directly about wealth sharing. I believe this is one of the ways countries are expected to share their wealth. Restrict their share of a market. It’s a lot easer than increasing taxes in¬†a Country then taking the flack from the taxpayers. I think in the future its going to be a tough road to increase Alberta oil share outside of North America.

Is The Road To Energy Sustainability The Cause?

The word “sustainability” is being shouted loud and clear around the world. For those who don’t take it serious it’s at their own peril. I lost count of how many times the word was used in the UN ¬†2030 document. ENERGY sustainability is a big deal.¬†¬†Many feel fossil fuels are close to being gone for good as the population grows and more energy is needed.¬†They also feel minimizing the impact on land, air and water to preserve earth is a top priority. For decades we have been using tons of petroleum chemicals on crops than using petroleum driven vehicles (trains, ships, trucks etc.)¬†to transport them. As oil prices begin to rise over the next decades the cost¬†to produce food and transport it is going to skyrocket leading to my first point, poverty. Whether Albertans like it or not the push toward renewables solar, moving air, moving water, biofuels, and geothermal heat is going to happen. Oil¬†is now ladled a¬†transitional fuel. We have to acknowledge it and get in front of the wave so were not left behind. Lots of opportunity for Albertans.

Could Peak Oil Be The Cause?

The Oil and Gas Journal, and others expect peak will occur¬†by 2020. The interesting thing is no report extends the peak beyond the year 2020, suggesting that the world may be facing shortfalls much sooner than expected. Many reports say the cheaper conventional oil reserves are now declining about 4-6% a year worldwide leaving only the more expenses offshore and oil sand products¬†to replace it. This would be a boom for Alberta but for the countries signed on to the UN who’s mandate is to eradicating poverty, high oil prices aren’t going to work. Energy will be to expensive for the poor countries. The idea of peak oil creating high energy prices is a major factor to adopt renewable energy forms and shift away from oil.

Is It Because of CO2 Pollution?

For years environmentalist have blamed the oil sand for being dirty oil spewing out that dreadful co2 polluting our atmosphere that causes global warming. In fact, all of Canada only produces 1.57% of the world’s co2. The co2 produced by the oil sands¬†is such a small amount, 1/10% , I would think it has little¬†influence on global warming at all. Also if heavy oil was so bad why isn’t¬†Venezuela oil sands under the same scrutiny as Alberta.¬†Venezuela’s Orinoco tar sands deposits are similar in size to those of Canada, and approximately equal to the world’s reserves of conventional oil.¬†But no protest there.¬†¬†No its no the CO2, there is something else going on with the boycotting of the Alberta Oil Sands.

Maybe the cause is all of the above or others . One things for sure, the Alberta oil sands are in trouble and are unlikely to ever get up to full production. If Alberta wants to prosper we are going to have to get serious about diversifying our business into products that are needed and considered sustainable for the future.

Apparently there are many signs making it clear that Alberta’s oil share is being restructured to a fair share.

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Written by Ken McGregor

October 25, 2015 at 8:38 am

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  1. Thanks for the article Ken. Logical issues to consider for Alberta and for sure wealth distribution is underway. I am a believer that the war on poverty is big a business as oil, so I am not sure if the UN’s intentions are true to spirit. As for renewable energies as an opportunity for Alberta, do you know of a place yet that has benefitted financially yet from renewable energy? Looks like any place in the world ie. California, have only gotten more and more expensive to live in with all of their efforts. Articles such as this discuss the problems renewable energy faces. Also, these poorer countries producing more oil have proven to not help the war on poverty whatsoever. There isn’t one that has ridden themselves of poverty yet. And mainly because their countries control the oil and control the wealth.


    October 25, 2015 at 9:49 am

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