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Alberta – Renew The Economy or Bust

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energy 01Developing countries are seriously¬†starting to plan their future¬†with renewable energy ¬†infrastructure (solar etc.) instead of oil and gas, and not following down the same path as developed¬†countries that now use¬† an outdated energy. There are many¬†still saying¬†that solar is just a boondoggle or a money pit, but the technology is moving so fast it won’t be long before it becomes cheaper than conventional petroleum products.¬†¬†The TLSC or transparent solar cell could make every window and screen a power source. Imagine¬†millions of glass windows¬†being converted to solar cells from a high rise window to your cell phone. Ubiquitous Energy and SolarWindows coatings¬†are two¬†getting close to the goal.

Countries that continue on the path of just using¬†oil and gas to power their cities will find¬†themselves less competitive with their neighbours and developing countries¬†that are already building their nations on new¬†renewable technology. These new¬†alternative energy¬†economies will surpass¬†Alberta if we are slow to take the challenge. The Bank of America’s Karmali said the United Nations “COP21″ climate summit in Paris in December is likely to¬†put an end to many parts of the¬†fossil industry. Christiana Figueres, the UN‚Äôs top climate official¬†said ‚ÄúIt’s unstoppable. No amount of lobbying at this point is going to change the direction,. Over 155 countries have already put forward plans”. I think it’s quite clear that Alberta take warning . No country of any importance is supporting fossil fuels at COP21.

Whether global warming¬† is bogus or not , oil ,gas and coal companies will face the mounting risk of legal damages in the billions similar to the tobacco companies for polluting and causing damage to property once COP21 is ratified. Its going to be all but impossible to get insurance. It has¬†come to a point where it’s become too risky and unpopular to fund new billion dollar projects. Alberta has counted on billion dollar oil sands projects in the past for employment and revenue. With companies like Shell and Cenovus already pulling out there is very little chance of a growing petro industry. With COP21 looking for zero net emissions later this century Albertans have to come to the realization that much of the¬†Alberta Oil Sands¬†will never be used. Pipeline or not, there isn’t going to be a lot more Alberta¬†oil flowing out of¬†North America than there is now¬†to other parts of the world.

Ouarzazate is a city in the completely landlocked desert region of Morocco, To become biggest soar plant in the world.

Ouarzazate, a city that is a completely landlocked desert region of Morocco, to become biggest soar plant in the world. Alberta has sun.

Dependence on a single fuel with a history of price volatility isn’t wise. Developing countries that have no or little¬†¬†sources of energy have a better chance of energy independence with renewables like solar that they can control. Renewables can be¬†installed quicker in cities to get developing country up and running and lift the standard of life for many who do not have electricity or access to it. Just being able to plug-in a computer and have access to the world¬†to compete, selling their products, will lift many of these underdeveloped countries out of poverty. Alberta, like many first world countries are going to have to compete with millions of new people entering the world market.

Oil is going to be around for a long time to come in one form or another. But, regardless what the oil companies say about future output growing (not to panic stock holders) I think they know the writing is on the wall.

The Alberta NDP government is going to have to come up with a long-term plan to grow Alberta and create jobs if we are going to continue having superior standard of life that we have been use to. I can’t say their October/2015 budget¬†gave me much confidence. A big disappointment.

It looks like the NDP hopes for the economy is pined on oil and their plan for the future is planning for the next election. The Alberta oil tap is starting to close. Why hasn’t the NDP told Albertans what their¬†plan is for alternative jobs? I think its a fair question that the NDP should already have an answer to since our premier Notley has lobbied against the oil sands for years.

Important Note: COP21 draft Climate package.  Trudeau is going to Paris December 2015 to negotiate for us. If you want a say in your future, you better say it now,

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Written by Ken McGregor

October 31, 2015 at 6:59 am

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