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Crises – Believe Them or Not?

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1969 – Get ready for Global Cooling. A fake crisis that never happened. Not to be believed.

A while back I heard Joe Biden quoting “never let a good crisis go to waste” in a political context. He was most likely referring to Obama’s 2008 Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who said:

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”.

Global warming, Syrian war, Economic downturn, oil shortage are just some of the crises that are going on in the world today that give Obama and friends the opportunity they need to gently sway the public to get on board with their UN agenda 2030 and COP21 programs. Its becoming increasingly suspicious that many of todays crises might be manufactured just to heard the public in a predetermined political direction .

The Syrian civil war is a crises that has been going on for almost 4 years. In all this time, all the world armies for some reason couldn’t muster enough force to take control of Syria and help the civilian population out of this horrifying war by creating a safe territory. Masses are being forced to flee their homes and country as the world has stood by and done little. It only took the US and allies 3 weeks to secure Iraq in 2003, so why is the Syrian war after 4 years still raging? Something’s very wrong with this picture. The excuse that Bush and allies used to invade Iraq was to drum up a crises to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction which turned out to be bogus. ISIS is the main reasons the public is given for the Syrian war escalating. This is most likely as false as the Iraq excuses. The most reasonable assumption for Obama and friends to continue this Syrian crisis and fear mongering is to keep power and promote their National Security State, slowly striping away individual freedoms. lets not let a good crises go to waste.

Regardless of the many players on the chessboard and their reasons, there is no excuses for the world standing by and not taking control of Syria and stopping the atrocities and mass migration. I feel many Canadians through their ‘lets not get involved attitude’, have contributed to the thousands of deaths ( SOHR estimates in April 2015 250,000 – 310,000) not to mention the ethnic cleansing of Christians, Alawites, Shiite, Druze and other minorities and torture . Now Trudeau is going to do even less. His answer is to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada, refugees that wouldn’t be if we helped them save their home in the first place. As a Canadian I find this shameful were playing political games with Syrian lives and homes.

The Global Warming crises is another vehicle being used to make the global population panic and look to the government for answers. Using CO2 emissions as the villain allows governments world-wide to tax and regulate almost everything from manufacturing to farming. Again, is this crises really about global warming or is global warming being used as a tool to transform society. Looking at the UN Agenda 21 and 2030 the global warming crises is not about the environment but about putting controls on the way we live from what we eat to what type of home we live in. The powers to be are giving us their choices to choice from without letting us have a say. People around the globe have become conditioned, allowing governments to pretty much do as they please.

Invasion by Martians October 30, 1938 - In this famous photo, New Jersey farmer Bill Dock prepares to fight off the invading Martians. The image was actually posed by a Life Magazine photographer a few days after the panic

Invasion by Martians October 30, 1938 – In this famous photo, New Jersey farmer Bill Dock prepares to fight off the invading Martians. The image was actually posed by a Life Magazine photographer a few days after the panic

In 1894, the Times of London estimated that by 1950 every street in the city would be buried nine feet deep in horse manure. Just a few short years ago, October 30, 1938,  people in the US thought they were being invaded by Martians. In 1969 ‘Science and Mechanics’ and ‘Time magazine’ were telling us there was an ice age crises coming. All believable at the time and found laughable later in the future. Unfortunately this time when the crises are found to be false and made up it’s going to be too late for the thousands of homeless refugees being displaced in Syria and for massive unemployment being created by climate change extremists.

No ones going to be laughing!





Written by Ken McGregor

November 21, 2015 at 6:45 pm

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