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Conservative’s – Too Much Tax Talk

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givingWhy do the Conservatives keep campaigning on lower tax when 1/2 of the Canadian wage earners pay little or no tax and the other 1/2 that pay taxes don’t mind paying more for a cleaner environment, better health care and education, and to support people in need? Its small wonder why the conservatives can barely muster 30% of the Canadian vote. Canadians are looking for more than just lining their pocket-book with tax breaks, something the conservatives haven’t seemed to notice. They are being snookered by the collective Left (NDP and Liberals) who have clearly aligned themselves with a world movement to cleanup the environment and stop world poverty, a powerful message Canadians are willing to hear. So, when parliament reconvened last week, I found it disappointing that Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose went down the same old tired path telling Canadians conservatives will stand up for taxpayers and support lower taxes. This tax rhetoric alone isn’t going to move the Conservative ball to the goal line in 2019. 70% of Canadian voters aren’t buying the CPC  tax line. They want more from their govenment.

Food donation tax incentive food
Instead of just shouting out tax breaks why don’t the conservatives get behind and support the food tax incentive to support the National Zero Waste Council’s food waste reduction proposal by urging the federal government to implement tax incentives for food producers and suppliers to donate unsold edible food. The proposal intends to reduce unnecessary food waste, decrease disposal costs to municipalities, reduce the environmental impact of food waste and alleviate hunger and poverty. This is an issue the conservatives could get out in front of to help align themselves with Canadian thinking before the Liberals bring in a mandatory law like the French, obliging supermarkets to hand over unused food to charity and not destroy leftover products. The French mandatory approach will probably lead to retailers bringing in less food products causing food shortages.  Controlling food waste is in the UN Agenda 2030, the liberal bible. I have no doubt the Liberals will introduce the issue since it is backed by many municipalities like Calgary , Toronto and Vancouver. Conservatives could be the first to devise a plan good for all parties and maybe win some brownie points with the voters.

Canadian Farmers

farm 01Alberta farmers were caught up in a fight with the NDP bill 6, the ‘Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act’.  Bill 6 will force 43,000 Alberta farms and ranches to abide by basic occupational health and safety standards and secure Workers’ Compensation Board coverage for ALL  farm workers, even though farmers already had their own insurance covers that covered workers 24 hours a day. The problem arose when this bill was just sprung on farmers and was being rammed down their throat without any consultation to be implemented January 1, 2016. If it hadn’t been for the farmers getting out to protest this bill it would have been passed as is. Due to their diligence there were a few amendments made to exempt their families.

Alberta farmers need on going help to protect their family farms from big government bullies like the NDP and Liberals.  I think the fight to regulate family farms across Canada is just starting, particularly with ranchers and a CO2 tax on beef. This is another area the Conservative governments could be cultivating to show reducing taxes isn’t their only song.

Maybe the Conservatives can come up with a plan to reform the welfare system and create a ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income’. This was something economist Milton Friedman fancied. What ever the federal Conservatives do to present themselves to Canadians, I hope they mold their party to attract all Canadian concerns. Presently if you ask a Canadian what a Conservative is, they think big business and tax breaks. Though there is nothing wrong with tax breaks and balancing budgets, Conservatives really have to break out of this mold if they hope to attract the newer generations.

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Written by Ken McGregor

December 13, 2015 at 8:38 am

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