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Loony Political Stories for 2015

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Since 2015 is over I thought I would recap a few of the looniest political stories I’ve read throughout the year. As loony as they seem these ideas are actually being given serious consideration or being implemented.

Chinese Sesame App

sesemeThere’s a new China app to score all Chinese citizens online and offline for data to generate credit scores. Everybody is measured by a score between 350 and 950, which is linked to their national identity card. Your score depends on a few factors like what you purchase online, how you pay your bills, your personal information and how many friends join the system. Higher scores receive benefits like easy access to travel visas and other rewards.

At first this app seemed a little intrusive but harmless until a government directive called for the establishment of a “social credit system” merging  politics and finance. This merger makes it possible for the government at some point to alter one’s credit rating based on their “morality” or social status. In other words, while the credit system today doesn’t care what you buy and is involuntary, the government has announced that it will be mandatory by 2020. The government will then have the ability to alter your score depending on your finances and political views. The bottom line is this app will intimidate and stop any citizen from speaking out against the government in fear their score will be lowered affecting their social life, chances of good jobs, travel ability plus of host of other benefits.

I’m not sure whether this is loony or just scary. Since world government have turned more left and the UN has adopted the Chinese 1995 policy on women in their “Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” , It is possible the UN or other nations could also adopt this app.

Lettice /Bacon and CO2

meat 3Yes its true, Lettuce produces more Greenhouse Gas Emissions than bacon does ,or so says a press release for this study from Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh. In fact the study says lettuce is more than 3 times worse in co2 than bacon. Good news for bacon lovers and a good excuses for those who don’t like salad not to eat it.

Personally I think someone or scientist got their wires crossed.  Since a pig consumes around 8 lbs of feed a day and 6 pounds of that feed converts into only 1 pound of pig, and lettuce can be grown in all most anything next to the consumer, this study sounds a little dubious like so many other c02 scientific studies.

This is completely loony. On one hand were told not to eat beef (meat) because of the co2 impact on the atmosphere, and on the other had we shouldn’t eat lettuce (plant) because of the co2 impact. What’s left? Bugs!

It’s hard to take any of these studies seriously. If we were to switch our diets to fall in line with the American Agriculture Department’s 2010 dietary recommendations, it would result in a 38 percent increase in energy use, 10 percent bump in water use and a 6 percent increase in greenhouse gas emissions . Taking this into consideration I’m going to eat what I damn well like.

Global Warming now Global Cooling (huh!)

time 02Burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees causes global COOLING a new NASA study has found. Of course NASA is still clinging on to the theory that co2 causes global warming, but to explain the hiatus from warming for the past 19 years they have conveniently found that aerosols given off by burning fossil fuels actually cool the environment. Kate Marvel, a climatologist at GISS and the paper’s lead author, said the results showed the “complexity” of estimating future global temperatures. Marvel is right. Climate is too complex to begin to understand, and the models being used just don’t have all the facts. The so-called overwhelming consensus on global warming is now in doubt.

How can anyone possibly believe these NASA types again. In the 1970’s it was global cooling. In the 2000’s it was global warming. Today just take your pick.

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Written by Ken McGregor

January 11, 2016 at 8:17 pm

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