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Alberta Oil Sands – False Hope

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After three pipeline turn downs ( Keystone, Gateway and the Kinder Morgan) you would think Albertans would get the message. Somebody with deep pocket and influence does not want Alberta oil sands to expand and hit the overseas market. The liberals, like Obama, have set up enough red tape that the 4th pipeline, East Energy, will be tied up for years, all the while telling Albertans they support the project but have to wait for the process to finish. Eight years Obama kicked the Keystone football down the political road giving Albertans false hope when he never had any intention of approving the project. So the question is, are Albertans going to sit back and let the Trudeau Liberals and the Alberta NDP do the same with the East Energy pipeline?

oil 20It’s well-known that environmental measures have been used for protectionist ends, with negative consequences for Alberta. The three groups that have been using the environment to shut down the oil sand is the Liberal movement, the environmentalists and the oil sands competition. The Liberals, eager to please the UN, feel that the expansion of Alberta’s oil sands is stalling efforts to deal with global warming which is in conflict with the UN agenda 2030. Being staunch supporters of the UN agenda the Liberals see no future in fossil fuels. They want to concentrate all their effort on Ontario manufacturing and get Canada off a carbon based economy. The extreme environmentalists see fossil fuels as dirty and polluting the environment and are also followers of the UN agenda 2030.

Montreal Pipe Line Ltd. Since 1941 imported 5 BB from Portland.

Montreal Pipe Line Ltd. Since 1941 imported 5 BB from Portland.

Then there  is the oil sands competitors including Montreal Pipeline Limited. The ones with motive that want the oil sands stopped so they can keep their market share for as long as they can. The Saudi plan is to slow down the move to green energy by reducing oil prices and pump as much as they can so they can diversify their own economy. They know the oil market is shrinking and want to milk oil for as long as they can. Montreal Pipeline Limited has pumped 5 billion barrels to Montreal from the Portland sea port since 1941, and has no incentive for a eastern pipeline. There’s no mystery why the Alberta Oil Sands is being discriminated against and why no one is protesting or complaining about Venezuela’s ‘Orinoco Belt’ consisting of large deposits of extra heavy crude ( deposits of about 1,200 billion barrels) or Saudi oil being pumped/shipped to Montreal. These three groups are working together on a common goal. The three amigos, Political left, radicals and competitors.

It’s hard to understand Albertans giving the NDP, an anti oil sands party,  just over 41 per cent of the popular vote and a majority government in the 2015 election. 25% of Alberta’s revenue comes from fossil fuels. Why would so many voters choose to vote in a government that promised to limit expansion of the oil industry when its our biggest revenue and job generator. Notley was a known supporter protesting to shut down the oil sands. Even more puzzling is why voters would give 28% to a 40-year-old has been progressive (PC) party run by left over left-wing Allison Redford cronies with a new face painted on. Its like these voter had a death wish for Alberta.

So far Albertans have been too complacent to rise up and do anything to protect their oil resource industry. How can Albertans just stand by and watch the Saudis collect billions of dollars from Canada to diverse their own economy by pumping oil to Canadian market? Why is Montreal allowed to import oil from a US sea port, at the same time blocking Alberta Sea port access?  How can Albertans just stand by and allow the Liberal and NDP governments to not help Alberta at least keep the Canadian oil market with a East Energy pipeline?

tim protestAlbertans like to talk a lot but when it comes to taking action, nada! It was painful to watch Calgary, a city of over 1 million, barely able to get 50 people  to show up to support the Alberta Oil Sands and protest Tim Horton when Tim’s came out against the oil sands.

If Albertans aren’t going to get up and fight the battle for their jobs and prosperity, how can they expect anyone to take them seriously or help organize protest events. They are just going to have to suck it up and be grateful for the crumbs they get from Ottawa. Its going to take a massive public show of support to change the destructive path Alberta’s on. I hope Albertans rise to the battle.

Written by Ken McGregor

February 1, 2016 at 7:00 am

2 Responses

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  1. Well dear Alberta Soap Box..perhaps you haven’t heard, but Albertans are not sitting complacently on their little butts while the Liberals and NDP run rough shod over our farms, ranches, and oil sands. We are standing up and doing something about it. However all good things take time, and lots and lots of leg work with many people on board. We are Albertans First and we are fighting for OUR Alberta. Keep that in mind when your writing your next little article.


    February 2, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    • No keystone, No gateway, No Kindermorgan , no real outrage from Albertans. Only 50 people turned to protest Tim Hortons anti oil stance. Nobody for Lush. Maybe Albertans are just sitting around on their butt.


      February 6, 2016 at 8:55 am

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