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Alberta NDP – Always Anti Oil , Anti Pipeline

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imageI’m sick and tired of  left-wing politicians pretending they want pipelines. With the exception of a few left mayors who know we need petro investment dollars to fund infrastructure , the majority have consistently rallied or campaigned against the Alberta Oil Sands. To date we have no Keystone pipeline, no Gateway pipeline and no new Trans Mountain pipeline to a seaport. Bottom line, there has been no real support from any NDP or Liberal politician for these pipelines. The only out spoken political pipeline champion is Saskatchewan conservative premier Brad Wall.

Alberta premier Notley is trying hard to persuade Albertans she is pro oil sands and pipeline, but her actions say otherwise. The fact is, Notley’s NDP are no converts to oil or pipelines. Notley’s chief-of-staff , Quebec born, Brian Topp, lost the last BC election for his candidacy by insisting on a “no pipelines” platform. Before that he ran for leadership of the federal NDP on an anti-oil, anti-oil sands and anti-pipeline platform. Graham Mitchell, the chief of staff of our Energy Minister was previously employed as an anti-pipeline lobbyist for LeadNow, a foreign-funded eco-activist group. Shannon Phillips co-wrote a book with a Greenpeace militant activist. The NDP and their progressive friends have been vilifying and actively opposing the oil sands and pipelines for over a decade. Their pro pipeline rhetoric is simply BS.

Thanks to Notleys anti-oil actions, the business mood in Alberta has turned sour. With billions in investment leaving Alberta and tens of thousands of workers laid off with more coming, the mood is turning desperate. In the early 1980’s downturn, Alberta’s unemployment reached 10%, home prices were being decimated and bankruptcies were common. But even in the dark times, Albertans knew the oil projects would be back. Today, with the NDP’s anti-oil stance and carbon tax proposal on public and industry, it’s going to be a fat chance industry is going to flock back to Alberta to save the day. Take energy for example. According to a letter sent to the members of the North Peace Gas Co-op, Albertans are about to get hit with a new NDP carbon tax which will cost its members an extra $3500-$3900 annually by 2030. The family farms will also get taxed an extra $6900-$7900 per year. How are Albertans going to get this extra income to pay?

imageI agree with Notley’s talk about diversifying Alberta’s economy . But trashing the oil industry before there is an industry to take its place is stupid. Make shift government subsidized jobs aren’t going to cut it long-term. Alberta needs good paying  long-term manufacturing jobs like the ones we were loosing. We need to export our goods for new dollars, not just recycle old dollars. The fact is, the manufacturing sector of the Alberta economy hasn’t increased  past 6-7% since 1985. The sectors that  made it look like Alberta diversified from oil, relied on oil and gas themselves. Sectors like the construction industry , finance and real-estate and business and commerce sectors grew, accounting  for the 10% decrease from the oil sector’s GDP from 1985 to 2013 . The fact is, Alberta hasn’t been able to significantly  diversify away imagefrom oil in the past 30 years.  This point Albertans should be aware of before they let Notley seduce them into the green job fantasy .

Albertans need to know what’s going to replace their good paying petro jobs before Notley axes the industry. The Calgary by-election taking place on March 22, 2016 in Calgary-Greenway NE riding is a good place to start asking the serious questions. What jobs are going to replace the oil jobs? Where’s the budget? Why aren’t the NDP seriously promoting the East Energy Pipeline. Even if you can’t vote in the by-election get out to the debates and get these questions answered. Keep the NDP’s feet to the fire even though they have no hope of winning Greenway away from the PC’s.

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Written by Ken McGregor

February 20, 2016 at 6:42 pm

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  1. Great insight here. I’m from Saskatchewan. We may elect these monsters on April 4th. Keep the content coming!

    Chad Elliott Fahlman

    March 26, 2016 at 12:38 am

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