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Alberta – Co2 Tax or Transfers Payments

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Let’s face it, Alberta’s problem could all be solved with a pile of cash that we could use to buy off Quebec and Ontario. With 62% of the Canadian population residing in these 2 provinces and another 6-7% residing in  Atlantic Canada, Alberta holds very little sway with the Federal Liberals. The cash in transfer payments we send them is the only reason they look west. Now the liberals want to squeeze more dollars by imposing a carbon tax on Alberta even though there is a good case to be made that Canada is already carbon neutral by CO2 being absorbed by our lands and water . It’s become obvious, Alberta is being used as a cash cow for the eastern provinces. It’s  also becoming obvious that Alberta can’t continue giving, and needs the rest of Canada to support our petro industries.

Being held hostage by other provinces isn’t going over very well with Albertans. As an Albertan, I’m finding it difficult understanding why the Alberta’s oil industry is being discriminated by other provinces over CO2 emissions . Trudeau always talks about listening to science, but when it comes to carbon polluting the atmosphere in Alberta, science is thrown out the window.

The fact is, the earth’s atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% argon. These total 99.9%.  Carbon only imagemakes up .038% of the atmosphere.  As I’ve mentioned in my other blogs, Canada only emitted 2% of the worlds carbon emissions at best and has dropped to 1.5% in the last ten years, a 25% decrease without any carbon tax. So what is the big rush to tax Alberta’s oil industry when all of Canada’s  carbon output combined  is only 1.5% of .o38%. The answer is more tax going to the government.

This carbon tax issue is a fraud and begs the question as to why isn’t the Conservative opposition in Alberta and Ottawa pounding this fact home to the public. This CO2 tax is such an important issue in Alberta’s faltering economy it should be made an issue in the Calgary Greenway bi-election. Albertans can’t afford any more taxes. 44% of our income is already going toward tax and fees to the three levels of government. Enough!

The tax burden on Albertans is getting to the ridiculous stage.  I think Albertans should either pay a carbon tax or transfer payments to the federal government but not both. Since the carbon tax is an outright scam I would prefer to continue sharing our oil wealth through transfer payments. As far as Notley’s carbon tax, Albertans should fight it to the bitter end. It’s time for the Notleys NDP carbon lies to stop.

Alberta’s still producing oil and sending it to our one and only market, the US. If it wasn’t for the drop in oil price the Notley crew wouldn’t be so tight with the dollars. Notley’s government, like any other government, have to learn to live within their means. Continually increasing tax on Albertans and business isn’t the answer to creating a vibrant economy. They have to come up with ideas to entice business, (who will create the jobs that pay tax)  to Alberta. A CO2 tax isn’t helping.

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Written by Ken McGregor

March 14, 2016 at 1:04 pm

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