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Why PIck On Alberta?

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Stockholm Conference 1972

Stockholm Conference 1972

As Trudeau, Notley, Coullard and BC Clark are dashing around to make some kind of deal to get Alberta oil to tidewater, the old question remains, ‘why is Alberta being picked on in the first place’. While Obama is handing out millions to African nations to build pipelines and Venezuela  is making deals with China to export their heavy oil, Alberta oil sands  have been demonized as being the worst thing since the anti-Christ. Since all other countries seem to be off the oil hook from the environmentalist wrath, it’s become obvious the real elite opposition has little to do about Alberta oil sands being dirty oil, but about sharing the natural resource wealth.

Back in 1972 at the Stockholm UN conference on the human environment, over 100 countries got together to come up with some common principles to preserve the human environment. This conference was the first UN environmental effort organized by Canada’s own Maurice Strong. Strong with the Club of Rome also floated the idea of global governance in the 1992 report ‘The First Global Revolution’. A year later the UN established the Commission of Global Governance. I guess we could say, thanks to Mr. Strong’s efforts , Alberta finds its oil landlocked.

The 1972 Stockholm conference declaration called upon all governments and people to preserve and improve the environment for the benefit of all people and outlined 26 principles that would be used as an outline for future conventions such as the UN agenda 21 and 2030. Principal 5 is the one that has plagued Alberta when it was established the oil sands were one of the worlds largest oil reserves concentrating massive wealth in the hands of the few. The idea of such wealth being controlled by a few in Alberta went against the idea of principal 5 which reads:

Principal 5

‘ The non renewable resources of the earth must be employed in such a way as to guard against the danger of their future exhaustion and to ensure that the benefits from such employment are SHARED by all mankind’

The argument isn’t about whether Alberta’s oil and pipelines are good or bad. It’s obvious that pipelines are a better way to ship oil than train or truck. It’s also obvious that oil is used in thousands of products and will be with us for decades to come. Why are Albertans and environmentalists debating the obvious when we should be talking about the real issue , how the oil profits are going to be split up to benefit all.

Alberta, BC, Quebec and the federal governments all believe in the principle, so it shouldn’t be hard to arrive at some agreement to get Alberta oil to tidewater. The only question is the cost to Albertans. By land-locking Alberta, I would think the intent was to force us to take what we can get. Having the NDP take power was a surprise bonus for the sharing group. With them in power there is no one to put up the good fight for the Alberta share.

Personally I think all pipeline negotiation should be put off until the next Alberta election. I believe Alberta should share the wealth, but I don’t trust the Rachel Notley’s NDP negotiating for us.

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Written by Ken McGregor

April 24, 2016 at 5:09 pm

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