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Alberta – No BC Support for Oil Pipeline

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imageSo Calgary Mayor Nenshi is trading barbs with Vancouver Mayor Gregor over oil pipelines. I’m sure they both know there isn’t a chance that Alberta oil is going to increase output through BC to a sea port. The idea of Alberta selling more oil and getting wealthy goes against the progressive political  philosophy that we consume to much and have to lower our standards of living. Less energy, less food , less goods. This is no joke. Limiting the oil sands production has nothing to do with global warming and producing CO2, but everything to do with limiting our wealth and our consumption habits. Since all of Canada produces less than 2% of the world’s CO2, it’s ridiculous to say Alberta needs an environmental carbon tax because of our oil. The fact is , oil gives us a standard of living not acceptable under UN standards which over 180 countries have signed on to. Section 4.3 and  4.5 in chapter 4 gives a brief snippet of what our municipal, provincial  and federal governments are following.

UN Agenda 21 Chapter 4 Changing Consumption Patterns 

4.3. Poverty and environmental degradation are closely interrelated. While poverty results in certain kinds of environmental stress, the major cause of the continued deterioration of the global environment is the unsustainable pattern of consumption and production, particularly in industrialized countries, which is a matter of grave concern, aggravating poverty and imbalances.

( This is way so many groups are picking on wealthy Alberta).

4.5 – Special attention should be paid to the demand for natural resources generated by unsustainable consumption and to the efficient use of those resources consistent with the goal of minimizing depletion and reducing pollution. Although consumption patterns are very high in certain parts of the world, the basic consumer needs of a large section of humanity are not being met. This results in excessive demands and unsustainable lifestyles among the richer segments, which place immense stress on the environment. The poorer segments, meanwhile, are unable to meet food, health care, shelter and educational needs. Changing consumption patterns will require a multi-pronged strategy focusing on demand, meeting the basic needs of the poor, and reducing wastage and the use of finite resources in the production process.

(Alberta is considered to have  an unsustainable  lifestyle)

imageUnfortunately Alberta has been picked as the poster child for everything that’s wrong with developed nations according to the UN. Excess in consumption leading to an opulent unsustainable lifestyle. Also, the UN thinks there is a planned destruction and domestication of Canada’s boreal forest by vast and widespread timber mining (it isn’t forestry) and oil, gas, and oil sand extraction making it one of the most important conservation issues in the world. Rewinding has become a hot topic.

For years, no Alberta politician has bothered to tell us what the real driving  force is behind all the Alberta bashing. There has been no mention or debate in any elections on how the UN’s position is affecting Albertans.. Our political parties have left us in the dark to wonder why we can’t developed new markets for our oil overseas, giving us false hope like Obama did with the Keystone pipeline.

Albertans need to have a real discussion as to the outside influences that are affecting our jobs and prosperity. Discussing balanced budgets, more dollars  for health care  and education at election time seems small potatoes when our standard of living and jobs are being eroded by UN policy that most haven’t heard of. Albertans need this discussion so we can plan for the future.

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Written by Ken McGregor

June 8, 2016 at 8:03 am

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