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Alberta – No Outrage

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Alberta coal  phase out will begin by 2018

Albertans seem to be following a trend of passiveness. It doesn’t seem to matter what the NDP come out with , Albertans barely give it a thought then move on with their day. I would have thought that after a year with the NDP at the helm vilifying our natural resources , shutting down coal-fired generators and introducing new taxes in a time of hardship for many, would have stirred up Albertans to be out in mass protesting . But it isn’t the case. No indignation! No outrage. The Alberta masses seem to be asleep.

There has been some energetic groups and individuals like the ones that sponsored the protest against TIm Horton’s for not supporting the Alberta Oil Sands. Even though Tim’s enjoys taking our money, they publicly slam our major oil industry that creates thousands of jobs for Albertans. Albertans should have been, and still should be outraged and shown up in mass at the organized protest. Instead only around 50 showed up in Calgary. In fact Calgarians walked right past the protesters into Tim’s for their caffeine fix. The same happened for boycotting Chiquita banna, Lush bath products. Albertans kept right on buying.  With 4 millions Albertans there should be massive turnouts to protect our jobs. Albertans don’t seem to really care. No solidarity to protect Alberta jobs and industry .

How about the billions in lost oil projects in large part due to the Alberta NDP’s derogatory views on oil. Usually when Alberta has a downturn in oil price the projects keep us afloat until prices recover. Billions in lost oil projects that virtually went unprotested by the public. Over 100,000 jobs wiped out and the masses just shrugged it off. Even though Alberta produces less that 1/10th of the world’s co2, and cutting our industry back will do nothing to save the planet, the Alberta NDP keep devastating Alberta jobs by shutting  down our coal-fired generating plants, halting oil sands projects and burdening  industry with a new carbon tax. We are being beaten down by NDP, and Albertans seem indifferent.

All but a few politicians and business leaders are standing up to stop the NDP madness. We get a few weak speeches about our health care or budget woes. A little outrage over transgender bathrooms, but no real leadership and passion to make Alberta shine again. It’s like they have all capitulated to the liberal globalization dream. Very disappointing.

By the number of petitions I get sent to me , it appears this is the new protest tool being used to voice dissatisfaction. Although petitions have their place with small companies, it’s not enough to sway today’s NDP. If Albertans want their  prosperity back , they will have to voice their outrage in mass public protests. Actually get out to the rallies. The NDP only laugh at petitions and small protests.

Conservatives are targets of a coordinated campaign by the left to push them out of the political debate. They mock conservatives by calling them racist, bigots, far right radicals. They get away with this because we let them. The left successfully organize mass protests demonizing conservative’s while conservative’s just sit back and do nothing. No outrage!

The next time a protest is organized to protest the Alberta NDP’s failure, get out and show your support and outrage. Your job might be on the block next.

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Written by Ken McGregor

July 2, 2016 at 9:47 pm

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