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Justin’s Trudeau’s Anti-Moral Agenda

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trudeau 4When it comes to the liberals of today I get the impression that they have lost their moral compass and are¬†steering Canadians¬†down a path of less individual freedom’s and a¬† shaky set of moral standards. I also get the impression that many liberal supporters don’t really know what the liberals actually stand for. You know, they vote for helping the poor but end up supporting a whole array ¬†of policies they never heard of.

One such Liberal policies that they decided not to debate¬†at Liberal policy convention in Montreal, but instead put aside for future consideration,¬†¬†is the¬†legalizing¬†of prostitution instead of helping the participant, especially the under age ones, from getting out from under this harsh and dead-end trade.¬†¬†Many Liberals actually believe prostitution can be¬†run as a¬†safe and successful business, which would be licensed to protect employees, employers and clients and of course taxed just like any other business. The fact is, the gun registry didn’t stop the criminals and neither will regulating prostitution, especially underage workers. The criminal factor will still be in their¬†hiding under the guise of being a legitimate business. Forced sex trade workers will still be forced and paraded for clients. legalizing the sex trade is good for crime. It makes them legit.¬†I guess the young BC liberals¬†were asked to take¬†this issue¬†off the¬†agenda at their convention since it might be a vote killer.¬† Can’t imagine Justin’s prized Muslim voters¬†supporting legalized prostitution. Yup! The liberal brass doesn’t want the voters to know their real thought’s on this hot potato. Better to wait until they take power and spring it on the public. Eh!

Another asinine policy the liberals debated back in 2006 (which few know about and is sill around) was to lower the age of consent for anal sex to 14. I can hardly believe this is what the average Canadian family who votes Liberal would have voted for.

Policy no. 45 r Read: ‚ÄúWHEREAS the current law discriminates against unmarried same-sex couples by not permitting unmarried persons under 18 to legally engage in consensual anal intercourse; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Federal Government of Canada to bring the age of consent for anal intercourse in equal pairing with other forms of sexual activity.‚ÄĚ The age of sexual consent for heterosexual intercourse in Canada is 14.

Instead of protecting our kids, the Liberal Party actually¬†debated a¬†recklessly dangerous activity for our kids ,which is the riskiest form of sexual activity when it comes to the transmission of HIV/AIDS. Talk about the lack of morals. In contrast, the Conservative Party of Canada was toughening up on the minimum age to protect our kids. ¬†I’ll bet the moms and dads¬†who voted liberal didn’t really know the kind of party they were voting for. Justice Minister Peter MacKay said this Liberal resolution’s very existence will “enhance Canadians’ exposure to harm.” He’s right.

These are only a few of the¬†foolhardy policies the Liberals have come up with. Unfortunately¬†many of the liberal voters¬†don’t look deep into their policy book to see what¬†this party¬†is really about. ¬†From their free injection site’s to their National Energy Policy and marijuana tax grab, to Justin Trudeau’s idea’s¬†that the national debt will take care of itself so keep on spending¬†and the greater good trumps individual freedoms,¬†keeps this list of Liberal crazy growing.

I’ve been stunned and astonished at how the Liberal Party keeps whittling away at the great Canadian morals and high standards that made this country great.¬†The liberal party of today is not the Liberal party of the past. They’ve become the party¬†for the¬†petty radical groups looking out for their own self interests.

What a bleak future Canada will have under¬†Justin Trudeau’s¬†morally bankrupt Liberal party not to mention his financial train wreck.

Written by Ken McGregor

April 24, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Posted in Alberta

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