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Alberta – They Limited Oil Production Now Its Meat!

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Albertans have been so preoccupied with pipelines that they have not paying attention to the coming demise of their meat industry. 10 years Albertans laughed at the idea Alberta oil would be landlocked and we wouldn’t be able to build pipelines. Today they’re scoffing at the idea that our meat industry is under the same attack and headed for the same fate. Nobody’s laughing anymore at the demise of the oil industry and they won’t be laughing in a few years as the beef industry starts to get squeezed. 

If you haven’t already noticed all the big fast good chains like Tim Hortons, Burger King , MacDonalds are jumping on board the plant based meat products wagon check it out. Their development and testing is already done. This is going to take a huge bite out of the beef producers bottom line as these food chains shift toward plant based products. We are in a food revolution transitioning away from meats as we are in the energy revolution transferring away from oil. The revolution started years ago.

A UN REPORT said “Agriculture and food consumption are identified as one of the most important drivers of environmental pressures, especially habitat change, climate change, water use and toxic emissions”. They further suggest People could be deterred from eating meat by increasing its price further up the supply chain, stemming rise in consumption and environmental damage. Research led by Oxford Martin School found widespread adoption of vegetarian diet would cut food-related emissions by 63% and make people healthier. The major food chains have been taking this very serious and have developed new products to eventually reduce and possibility replace meat based products. UN reference:

Alberta and Saskatchewan produce 60% of Canadian beef

It’s noteworthy that Alberta produces 40% of all Canadian beef and Saskatchewan produces 20% for a total sixty per cent by two western province’s.  its also noteworthy that all MacDonalds hamburger patties are made by Cargill in Spruce Grove, Alberta . Since Cargill sources its beef  primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan there will be a great deal of hurt for these proviences as these chains reduce their reliance on meat . Even if the UN eventually reduces meat consumption by 25% in the next 10 years it would be devastating to ranchers. McDonald’s, Harvey’s and Wendy’s use 100 per cent Canadian beef and all have introduced plant based burgers.

The fact is the UN has linked our health and eating to climate change. The train has left the station. The only thing Albertans can possibly do is try and slow it down. For over 60 years Alberta has had a great run. We had two great products, oil and farming which were in great demand and brought in billion to build our infrastructure. Albertans were in the right place at the right time.

Today I doubt there are many Albertans that  aren’t aware of the oil and pipeline debacle. 10 years ago nobody gave it any thought. They laughed at the idea the UN was attacking fossil fuels.

Meat products are in the same position as our oil was 10 years ago. For oil we waited until today, the final hour, to try and save our great resource from being left in the ground. 

So, the question is, are Albertans going to get out and save our meat industry now, or wait until the final hour when the Industry is tied up in legal and political quarrels like our oil industry is now? 

Written by Ken McGregor

July 1, 2019 at 12:10 pm

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