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Its Not What It Seems!

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As political unrest heats up in Canada and the US, its become clear there’s a battle raging for control. On one side is the Technocrats masquerading as socialists, and the other side fighting for free enterprise and personal freedom. Or maybe it’s not as it seems. Maybe both sides are travelling down the same road with one just wanting a little more control over the public than the other. Both parties are on board wth climate change, Covid19 lock downs, renewable energy, more health care and the list goes on. It’s become hard to find any real differences. Why is this?

Simply put, The west’s economic power house has come to an end. After 80 years of booming prosperity our markets have become old and saturated like the British and Dutch empires before us. For-instance, 67% of the public own their home. The home building Industry was a huge employer with billions in spinoff business. No more. Our manufacturing plants have become too expensive to update. It’s cheaper to replace them in a younger larger market who need stuff which has cheaper labour and material . Everyone seems to have two of everything. The truth is, the west has matured to a point where it can no longer support the rest of the world. Thus like in 1945 when the New World Order moved from Britain to the US, it is now moving to China. Hopefully we don’t lose too many of our freedom in the process.

Climate change (economic change) , covid19 and all the other tactics being used enable todays governments to keep us in line and peacefully accept the process while the change takes place. Not like the old days when war broke out. For me it’s inevitable. We’re moving forward to a new world. The key points is who is going to run the system, whats going to drive our new economy and will we keep our freedom.

The introduction of climate change many years ago has always been about shifting to another alternative economy where once again demand is created for new products creating jobs to replace the millions of lost jobs from our old saturated economy. When the combustion engine auto emerged around 1905 it revolutionized the economy as will the electric car. Seriously, who doesn’t want an electric car. Shifting from fossil fuel will also create demand for new industrial construction, manufacturing plants and jobs.

As far as who’s going to run the new world and losing our freedom, it’s worrying! Covid19 lockdowns has given the governments OF ALL LEVELS far too much power to restrict our movement which is unlikely to be taken away. Its really up to the public on how many freedoms they are willing to lose. Time will tell.

If the western nations want to have any sort of future prosperity, making the change from fossil fuels is a must. Its unfortunate our elected politicians just didn’t come forward with the plan. Guess they don’t trust the electorate. Unfortunately, because of the politician hiding the facts, it’s going to be a tough go for a lot of people for a number of years.

Written by Ken McGregor

September 27, 2020 at 2:17 pm

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