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PM Idle’s No More

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Atawapiskat Housing - millions from government and chief builds band members a shanty town.

Atawapiskat Housing – millions from government and chief builds band members a shanty town.

Idle no More was originally a good movement to educate Canadians about the treaties and natives and to show case the terrible conditions the majority live in. Unfortunately the band chiefs have taken over the peaceful movement and moved it into a confrontational spectacle blaming the Harper government for everything they can think of .

This confrontational attitude seems to have come about after Chief Spence¬†of the Attawapiskat reserve¬†. a remote Cree community on the eastern shore of James Bay in Northern Ontario, was caught with no explanation as to where all¬†the millions in¬†government money went, and why many residents¬†were living in¬†tents and shacks with no utilities. When an audit was done, over 80% of the transactions did not have any information on where the money went. This moved the Conservative government to idle no more¬†and request¬† the reserves to be more accountable for the tax money that was being given to them. It’s at this point where chief Spence started her never-ending¬†hunger strike (fast) to take the attention of this huge scandal. Of course , many other chiefs from different regions¬†jumped on the bandwagon to discredit the audit and PM Harper for interfering with their affairs. Clearly this word ‘accountability’¬†is a dirty word for many¬†band chiefs.

The band chiefs are not the only ones that has a problem with accountability. The Unions,environmentalists, most political parties,CBC are also at logger heads with the Harper governments push for them to be accountable for tax dollars. When you combine all these free loader groups wanting tax-free dollars/status with no accountability it makes for a large noisy group that would love to see the Harper government disappear so they could go back to the old status quo wallowing in our tax dollars. These incompetent chiefs and other players are clearly combining their efforts to creating havoc around Canada to destabilize the HARPER GOVERNMENT .

Today in Vancouver the Idle No More with the help of the environmental movement¬†decided to protest and disrupt the environmental¬†hearings on the Gateway Pipeline, clearly hijacking the Idle No More movement and¬†moving away from the original organizers vision to¬†educate Canadians about the treaties and natives problems. This¬†spectacle must have been a diversion for their real agenda¬†to upset the Harper government¬† since the¬†Gateway has little or no chance of moving ahead. The only real chance for Oil Sands oil to move is by¬†train to the¬†US to hook up with the Keystone Pipeline. All the other ideas for moving oil sands are just ” pipe dreams. Protesting the Gateway is¬†getting to be just¬†an old standby for the socialist left to creat noise.

Its to bad that these self-interest socialist groups have stooped so low as to hijack legitimate organizations¬†that are trying to make a serious point. We use to¬†believe in¬†elections in Canada to decide our path. Today these¬†greedy¬†thugs and free loader chiefs¬†are trying desperately¬†to¬†hang on to their free tax dollars and power over their people by using bullying instead of elections to get their way. Like all dictators and bullies they will fail. Hopefully sooner than later so the rest of us get down to the serious business of helping the one’s that need help,¬†the native population

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Climate Change Denier -The Climate Is Changing

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(images created by Robert A. Rohde / Global Warming Art) We are in a deep freeze not global warming

If the 65 million year climate change graph where a stock chart we would have bailed out or shorted the stock long ago. Regardless what all the environmentalist say we are witnessing some of the coldest temperatures in our 65 million year history. Temperatures are only considered to be increasing if viewed for the last 150 years, from 1850 onward which is what climate change fanatics like to point to while ignoring the complete history. So , yes, you climate deniers, the climate is changing , but history suggests we are presently in some of the coolest times in history.

Looking even further back over the past 540 million years, we are actually below the average temperature(15c¬†– to cold for dinosaurs) which¬† fluctuate from around 12¬įC up to 22¬įC. The cooling periods seem to have all bottomed at around 12C. If this is the case we may be naturally headed for warmer times ahead .

540 million years of climate change and 65 million year graphs

Charging a carbon tax on CO2¬†(Alberta Oil Sands)¬†isn’t going to stop the change. It will just transfer our wealth to someone else.

In the last 4500 years there has been as many as 75 major temperature¬†swings, none of them caused by cars or big industry. As late as the 1800’s we were just coming out of the little ice age. The fact is, global warming and cooling will go on with or without man’s involvement. This doesn’t¬†mean we should go out and pollute¬†the earth, it just suggest we have very little control over the temperature.

This natural climate change also suggest that we should not be over taxing industry in the name of climate change (carbon tax). All this does is transfer our jobs and wealth somewhere else. Greece is a good example of what happens when over taxing companies that create the jobs. They¬†become less competitive¬†with the rest of the world and¬†end up¬†struggling just to stay afloat. We can’t buy into this carbon tax grab in the name of¬† global warming. All the evidence that is being presented for warming of the climate is from 1850 to today. Just a blip¬†in history.¬†Environmentalist dooms day¬†scenario¬†is purely conjecture. We will always ¬†have devastating droughts like the American dirty 30’s and catastrophic floods like in Japan in 2012¬†, the¬† Netherlands, when the North Sea storms flooded the¬†lowlands with¬†10,000 lives lost in 1916 or the¬†Huang He (Yellow) River in¬†China in 1642 with a death toll of¬†300,000. Its nothing new.

In a March 28 a letter addressed to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden,¬†a group¬† of 49 former¬†top astronauts and scientist¬†ask NASA and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies to ‚Äúrefrain from including unproven remarks on global warming in public releases and websites‚ÄĚ because ‚Äúit is clear that the science is NOT settled.‚ÄĚ Far , far from everyone, believes in todays global warming nonsense.

Quote from letter РThe unbridled advocacy of CO2 being the major cause of climate change is unbecoming of NASA’s history of making an objective assessment of all available scientific data prior to making decisions or public statements

The one thing we can all agree on is that the climate is changing by looking at the millions of years of climate history. We would be more prudent to learn to work with the changing climate rather to pretend we can stop it. So Deniers, stop denying and worring about the torrential rains in China today and get with the program.With the changing climate can be opportunity.

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Alberta : Is Diversification Still On The Menu

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With all political parties beating up the PC government on Health Care, has the idea of diversifying Alberta’s economy taken a back seat at a time it should be out front vigorously being promoted?

As far back as 1930, after going through the great depression, the idea of diversifying our economy into different industries to smooth out the boom and bust started to take root. The Alberta Government learned in order to start on the long path of diversification they would have to tie it to our main industries, which in Alberta was our resource sector namely natural gas and Oil. They also realized that in order to attract investment they would have to create an environment for both business and workers. This would mean creating a competitive tax advantage, good power sources, transportation systems,training for skilled labour, Health care etc. They also needed to revise regulations making it easier to trade internationally.This later became known as the “Alberta Advantage”. This brings me to the second question ,do we still have the Alberta Advantage or is it being eroded away?

After going through the volatility of 2008, it looks like Alberta is still heavily depended on oil and gas with very little progress being made to diversify the economy over the past 10 years.  With the gas revenue all but drying up due to shale gas recovery and the US starting to move its way off oil, our resource revenue has shrunk by billions leaving us once again in a deficit position using our savings to live on. It appears the government of the day just got to complacent with the good times and took diversity of the menu. They thought they were on auto pilot and could sit back taking it easy. They were wrong.

Over the past years the government has been to preoccupied with pleasing Albertans by promoting health care and education, so much so, that it has engulfed over 64% of the budget today, when they should have been giving more thought to the struggling cities trying to keep up with the huge costs of building infrastructure, the very infrastructure needed to attract business, skilled labour and professionals to diversify the province. Presently Calgary can’t get enough money together to build a badly needed tunnel for the airport. The province is also trying to unload a million dollar maintenance expense of the Deer Foot trail on the city knowing it’s just scraping by. With all the cities problems ,still no money in the 2011-2012 budget but plenty for health care.

The government has also fallen asleep promoting our Oil Sands. They have allowed Alberta’s image to be tarnished world wide without putting up any real vigorous defence. They had a decade to get their act together and avoid the environmental hoopla but missed the boat. Having this derogatory image is not what business wants to invest in. If that’s not bad enough we now have the opportunity to sell billions of dollars worth of oil to China, but we don’t have a pipeline going to the west coast to get the oil to port. Knowing for decades we had all this Oil Sands being developed with no way to get it to world markets is a clear lack of vision and political will.

The government has clearly dropped the ball on diversifying Alberta. The Alberta Advantage is disappearing. We need to increase our focus on gaining world access for our resource products.We also need more thought into producing oil base products, building on our strengths, to keep the jobs in Alberta. The government has to put diversification back on the menu and get our economy MOVING. Without more resource revenue, the only thing on the menu for Albertans is HIGHER TAXES.

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Written by Ken McGregor

March 12, 2011 at 5:48 pm