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NDP Socialism – 21st Century Suffering

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Norman Mailer¬†¬†once said ¬†“The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level”¬†¬†and¬†Larry¬†Sechrest¬†was quoted as saying¬†”¬†Each new government¬†regulation taxes the private sector, relentlessly shifting resources out of the hands of the productive, and into the hands of the unproductive.. Two quotes that seem relevent in today’s world¬†looking at the European crises that was based on a social system, and¬†concerning for Canadians since this European democratic¬†socialism¬†is the¬†same system that the Liberals and NDP have envied for decades and are still¬†striving for.

After all the suffering in Greece and other European countries its hard to believe that anyone in Canada would seriously consider the NDP or the Liberal brand of governing. Maybe¬†Rodger Scruton¬†had it right when¬†¬†he said “¬†It is not the truth of¬†Socialism that explains the willingness of intellectuals to believe it, but the power that it confers on intellectuals”. The NDP and the Liberals are certainly showing they want power they way they have been foaming at the mouth and¬†vilifying Steven Harper and the Conservatives. Their lust for power alone should¬†alert Canadians that there is¬†a problem with these parties.

Greece fell into the Socialist trap many years ago with a system that gave the workers lavish bonuses of up to 1300 euros per month for just being able to use a computer¬†or arrive at work on time. Employer’s were forced to provide severance packages to retired workers up to 50% of their wage for up to 24 months with 20,000 euros tax-free. ¬†Greece also offered the most generous pension system in the EU, with a pension of 90% to 110% of final earnings for some employees. Small wonder¬†why the Greeks were sold this bill of goods. Money for nothing! Little did they know they were bleeding the cash cow dry, that is the companies¬†that provided all the jobs.¬†I wouldn’t doubt that¬†many Greeks¬†still don’t realize there¬† is a problem with their economy,They think someone¬†is waiting in the wings to¬†bail them out. But there out of luck and money and in for a very rough ride. With all the money¬†that was¬†sucked out of business and given to an unproductive government for benefits, made¬†their down fall¬† inevitable.

The historical experience of socialist countries has sadly demonstrated that collectivism does not do away with alienation but rather increases it, adding to it a lack of basic necessities and economic inefficiency

Pope John Paul II, Centesimus Annus (1991)

Once elected ,these social governments (NDP) usually transform into  hierarchical societies with all the power, while the masses end up with little rights and freedoms. It amazes me that so many working Canadians and students are being sucked in like the Greeks, especially when the European crises is so highly publicized and that Canada, under the Conservatives actually have one of the best economies in the world, even though we have to depend heavily on the USA for most of our trade. These social governments are even happening at the local level like in Calgary where the alderman have decided to take it upon themselves, with little input from the public, to ban a food product which are actually under the federal jurisdiction.

Canadians have to start taking note that they are under attack from Social left, before we end up like Greece and suffering their fate.

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Is The Gateway Pipeline Just A Trick?

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What if the Northern Gateway pipeline was just a¬†trick¬†and the real target to get Alberta Oil to market was to ship it to Prince Rupert by train. By now it should be obvious to¬†even the harden supporter¬†that the Gateway has so much bad publicity and environmental flaws that there is no way it’s going to fly. So why is it still being touted as the only and best way to get Alberta Oil to the pacific. Maybe its the perfect bait and switch.

When Warren Buffett and Bill Gates sparked some speculation with their¬†visit to Canada’s oil sands in August 2008, most thought they might invest in the oil sands companies. But instead, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, have both been investing in railroads. In 2011 Bill Gates became largest shareholder in Montreal-based Canadian National Railway with over 10% of the shares.¬†A $3.8 billion dollar investment. Huge even for a Bill Gates investment. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway¬†acquired the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad in 2010 after having first bought up over 20% of its shares over a period of several years . And now the Burlington Northern Santa Fe is among the U.S. and Canadian railroads that stand to benefit from the Obama administration‚Äôs decision to reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline permit. Turns out¬†a very smart investment from very smart investors.

And then there is the Canadian National Railway, the company that Bill bought, now considered¬†the biggest Canadian railroad based on annual sales, considers the Alberta oil sands a chance to expand its business, according to company filings. Flying under the radar¬†of the environmentalists rath, it¬†already has an established right-of-way to Prince Rupert¬†and could start shipping oil¬† to Asia as soon as loading facilities are built . Its been calculated that¬†CN Rail has the capacity to deliver 2.6 million barrels of bitumen to Prince Rupert each day, compared to 525,000 barrels via the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Plus CN has already upgraded their track. A wise move by CN. Sounds like a lot more dollars in Bill Gates pocket and a great plan, but¬† another blow for Premier Clark. And all the while the environmentalist and first nations have been putting all their efforts to stop the Gateway and the Keystone pipeline. Dumbo’s. Do they really think they are smarter than Gates and Buffet.

The Alberta Oil Sands will get their oil to market. My guess is that the Harper government will say, oops, your all right, the Gateway pipeline and that untrustworthy Enbridge with all its oil leaks is a no go. How about we  use CN Railway. A great Canadian company with a great record. With the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and now the Chinese all with billions invested, its going to happen. In the mean time the environmentalists are being led around like the bunch of sheep and dopes that they are.

Ship Your Crude Oil Products by Rail. When you choose CN’s Crude by Rail service, you choose to ship cleaner and greener.

Just a thought!

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Climate Change Denier -The Climate Is Changing

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(images created by Robert A. Rohde / Global Warming Art) We are in a deep freeze not global warming

If the 65 million year climate change graph where a stock chart we would have bailed out or shorted the stock long ago. Regardless what all the environmentalist say we are witnessing some of the coldest temperatures in our 65 million year history. Temperatures are only considered to be increasing if viewed for the last 150 years, from 1850 onward which is what climate change fanatics like to point to while ignoring the complete history. So , yes, you climate deniers, the climate is changing , but history suggests we are presently in some of the coolest times in history.

Looking even further back over the past 540 million years, we are actually below the average temperature(15c¬†– to cold for dinosaurs) which¬† fluctuate from around 12¬įC up to 22¬įC. The cooling periods seem to have all bottomed at around 12C. If this is the case we may be naturally headed for warmer times ahead .

540 million years of climate change and 65 million year graphs

Charging a carbon tax on CO2¬†(Alberta Oil Sands)¬†isn’t going to stop the change. It will just transfer our wealth to someone else.

In the last 4500 years there has been as many as 75 major temperature¬†swings, none of them caused by cars or big industry. As late as the 1800’s we were just coming out of the little ice age. The fact is, global warming and cooling will go on with or without man’s involvement. This doesn’t¬†mean we should go out and pollute¬†the earth, it just suggest we have very little control over the temperature.

This natural climate change also suggest that we should not be over taxing industry in the name of climate change (carbon tax). All this does is transfer our jobs and wealth somewhere else. Greece is a good example of what happens when over taxing companies that create the jobs. They¬†become less competitive¬†with the rest of the world and¬†end up¬†struggling just to stay afloat. We can’t buy into this carbon tax grab in the name of¬† global warming. All the evidence that is being presented for warming of the climate is from 1850 to today. Just a blip¬†in history.¬†Environmentalist dooms day¬†scenario¬†is purely conjecture. We will always ¬†have devastating droughts like the American dirty 30’s and catastrophic floods like in Japan in 2012¬†, the¬† Netherlands, when the North Sea storms flooded the¬†lowlands with¬†10,000 lives lost in 1916 or the¬†Huang He (Yellow) River in¬†China in 1642 with a death toll of¬†300,000. Its nothing new.

In a March 28 a letter addressed to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden,¬†a group¬† of 49 former¬†top astronauts and scientist¬†ask NASA and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies to ‚Äúrefrain from including unproven remarks on global warming in public releases and websites‚ÄĚ because ‚Äúit is clear that the science is NOT settled.‚ÄĚ Far , far from everyone, believes in todays global warming nonsense.

Quote from letter РThe unbridled advocacy of CO2 being the major cause of climate change is unbecoming of NASA’s history of making an objective assessment of all available scientific data prior to making decisions or public statements

The one thing we can all agree on is that the climate is changing by looking at the millions of years of climate history. We would be more prudent to learn to work with the changing climate rather to pretend we can stop it. So Deniers, stop denying and worring about the torrential rains in China today and get with the program.With the changing climate can be opportunity.

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Ship Rubber to China – Made in Alberta

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 I can see it now, trainloads of synthetic rubber being shipped to China instead of pipelines full of bitumen. No environmental protests , no native protests, no world condemnation sounds good to me. So why is the Alberta Government headstrong on this Gateway pipeline  to ship Bitumen while ignoring all other opportunities that Alberta oil can offer? Since why back when the Alberta government has been hailing they are going to diversify Alberta but nothing every seems to come of it. Sitting on one of the freest pieces of land in the world with a great entrepreneurial spirit , Albertans should be able to come up with other ideas on how to turn our oil into usable products like rubber to ship to China to support our economy.

About 15 billion kilograms of rubbers are produced annually, and of that amount two-thirds¬†is synthetic at $150 per pound. Since Alberta has the¬†oil fields, and the styrene and butadiene¬†used in synthetic rubber can both be made from oil, it seems a natural to produce rubber and other oil related products¬†in Alberta. Synthetic rubber can tailor its characteristics to produce very specific performance so why can’t Alberta produce speciality rubbers?

I noticed in a headline that Saudi Arabian Basic Industries, the world‚Äôs largest chemical company by revenues, is to build a $3.4bn rubber production plant in the kingdom in a joint venture with ExxonMobil.¬† The Saudis say the new plant fits into a wider push by the their government to diversify the economy away from oil and create jobs ¬†and meet the growing global demand for specialty elastomers. Can Alberta’s business¬†establishment afford $3.4 billion like the Saudis?¬†Is Redford’s¬†PCs even looking into this¬†and other oil related diversification?¬†Saudis Sabic¬†often works alongside global companies. Earlier this year it announced a joint venture with China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, known as Sinopec.¬†Redford’s¬†PC should be doing the same.¬†No problem shipping rubber. It may not be that beneficial¬†for Ontario and Quebec’s transfer payment handout if Alberta diversified but it will be good for Albertans.

Alberta¬† has to move on and stop pretending that there is going to be a Gateway Pipeline¬†shipping¬†our black gold to China. BC residents don’t what to take a chance¬†on ruining¬†their coast line with oil slicks.¬†The pipelines already going through BC to the coast will most likely be the last. We need to think like the Saudi’s and move Alberta in a direction to¬†diversify our oil products.

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Alberta – Are The TORIES History?

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After 40 years in power is the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party on its way out the door. If History give us a clue, it could just be the case.

Alberta’s first provincial election was called for November 9, 1905, with A.C. Rutherford’s Liberal Party winning 23 of the 25 seats. Successive victories in 1909,1013,and 1917 kept the Liberals in power for 16 years until their downfall in 1921. Their demise was mainly due to Falling grain prices and the inability to finance all the proposed irrigation
projects in southern Alberta . In 1921 disgruntled Albertans, feeling the government was ineffective, elected the  United Grain Farmers into power sending the Liberals into the  political history book.

When the UFA party took power life was good. Oil¬†was bringing in the jobs and money. It couldn’t get better. But when the great depression hit in 1930 many Albertans where in dire straights and looking for a new government that could give them answers. Caught in bad times and scandal the UFA was defeated by the Social Credit¬†Party in 1935 and like the Liberals in 1921 were sent¬†packing never to be heard of again.

The Social Credit Party led by William Aberhart, began its long  36 year reign in power from 1935 to 1971. throughout its tenure big oil discoveries turned Alberta into a booming province, Premier Manning was able to meet all the demands of Albertans that kept him in power for 6 terms. But even though the Social Credit was doing well, by 1971 the voters were looking for a more younger inspirational leader with new ideas. The Social Credit seemed old and tired without any plan for the future. In 1971 a new fresh Conservative Party led by Peter Lougheed walked away with the election and like all its predecessors the Social Credit Party disappeared.

So , is it the Tories time to head to dust bin like all the parties before them?  The Alberta Conservative Party, after being in power for 40 years, is looking old and tired without any real plan for the future. Albertans, like in the past, are again looking for a party with a strong plan and leadership that can give them security and well-being as they move into the future.

Just like in the past there are some new upstart parties like the Wildrose Alliance a vibrant conservative alternative. Will this new party, like the Social Credit and NFA in past history, put the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party to pasture? If the past history tells the story it looks like the end could be near for the Alberta PC’s.

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Written by Ken McGregor

May 16, 2011 at 10:53 pm

Alberta – Budget Time Bomb

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As the Alberta political parties filibuster over Alberta Health care trying to score political points with the voters, Albertans are getting stuck with the bill of an ever-increasing out of control health care and education system. Together these 2 budget items make up a whooping 64% of a 35.6 billion dollar budget , leaving only crumbs for the many other necessaries. If you want to go a little further and add in a third item, social services for 10.6%, you end up with a dizzying 74.7% of the budget for only 3 budget items, 3/4 of the total budget for 2011-2012. These 3 items, that have a large number of government employees, are going to continue getting larger taking up an ever-increasing portion of the budget. I find it bewildering that in a province that is supposed to be the economic engine of Canada that the Agriculture, Resource Management and Economic  Development is only alloted 5% while over 75% goes to government related services.

Interesting Fact: Over the past 10 years the education portion of the budget has increased 63% but the student population only increased by 3%.

The question I have is , where is all the money going to come from to pay for these 3 budget items and continue to grow the economy? It seems unlikely that the public can shoulder any more taxes since they are already paying over 40% of their wages to all three levels of government plus the added burden of  higher food and fuel cost. Since health care is the biggest runaway cost of the budget, estimated to grow to 17 billion dollars by 2013 from 13 billion in 2009, the government should make a concentrated effort to control this expenditure and use their imagination to develop a plan to increase revenue to cover expenses, without tormenting Albertans with increasing taxes.

Presently 78% of the budget revenue is coming¬†from tax¬†(55.4%)¬†and resource revenue,¬†(23.4%) which is just another tax in disguise. With the pressure on to increase spending for health care, infrastructure plus all other budget items its only a matter of time before this budget time bomb explodes if the government doesn’t get serious and develop a plan. So far the PC’s have done little to nothing over the years to get this budget bomb under control.

We need to start promoting and working with what we have to offer, gas, oil, agriculture. Stop this fixation on increasing taxes and letting the government spend on job creation . The government has never been efficient when it come to spending our money. Make it easier for larger companies and small business to expand and grow into larger markets. Let business create the jobs.  Let the government assist when required. By excess taxing  of companies and Albertans we are taking away their ability to spend in ways that will grow the economy. The PC government has had no plan in the past that has worked and most likely does not have any well thought plan for the future. With more business comes more jobs that can add more taxes into the pot for our budget needs.

I’m hoping come the next provincial election we will all take the time to check out which political party fits the “no more tax bill”. We need a real conservative¬†government that will promote Alberta, our products and business while maintaining¬†a balanced budget¬†, keeping us out of debt and diffusing the budget bomb.

Bloated Alberta Budget 2011-2012 –

Frasor Institute РAverage Canadian family pays more in taxes than it does for food, clothing, and shelter combined

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Written by Ken McGregor

May 15, 2011 at 9:03 am