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PM Idle’s No More

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Atawapiskat Housing - millions from government and chief builds band members a shanty town.

Atawapiskat Housing – millions from government and chief builds band members a shanty town.

Idle no More was originally a good movement to educate Canadians about the treaties and natives and to show case the terrible conditions the majority live in. Unfortunately the band chiefs have taken over the peaceful movement and moved it into a confrontational spectacle blaming the Harper government for everything they can think of .

This confrontational attitude seems to have come about after Chief Spence¬†of the Attawapiskat reserve¬†. a remote Cree community on the eastern shore of James Bay in Northern Ontario, was caught with no explanation as to where all¬†the millions in¬†government money went, and why many residents¬†were living in¬†tents and shacks with no utilities. When an audit was done, over 80% of the transactions did not have any information on where the money went. This moved the Conservative government to idle no more¬†and request¬† the reserves to be more accountable for the tax money that was being given to them. It’s at this point where chief Spence started her never-ending¬†hunger strike (fast) to take the attention of this huge scandal. Of course , many other chiefs from different regions¬†jumped on the bandwagon to discredit the audit and PM Harper for interfering with their affairs. Clearly this word ‘accountability’¬†is a dirty word for many¬†band chiefs.

The band chiefs are not the only ones that has a problem with accountability. The Unions,environmentalists, most political parties,CBC are also at logger heads with the Harper governments push for them to be accountable for tax dollars. When you combine all these free loader groups wanting tax-free dollars/status with no accountability it makes for a large noisy group that would love to see the Harper government disappear so they could go back to the old status quo wallowing in our tax dollars. These incompetent chiefs and other players are clearly combining their efforts to creating havoc around Canada to destabilize the HARPER GOVERNMENT .

Today in Vancouver the Idle No More with the help of the environmental movement¬†decided to protest and disrupt the environmental¬†hearings on the Gateway Pipeline, clearly hijacking the Idle No More movement and¬†moving away from the original organizers vision to¬†educate Canadians about the treaties and natives problems. This¬†spectacle must have been a diversion for their real agenda¬†to upset the Harper government¬† since the¬†Gateway has little or no chance of moving ahead. The only real chance for Oil Sands oil to move is by¬†train to the¬†US to hook up with the Keystone Pipeline. All the other ideas for moving oil sands are just ” pipe dreams. Protesting the Gateway is¬†getting to be just¬†an old standby for the socialist left to creat noise.

Its to bad that these self-interest socialist groups have stooped so low as to hijack legitimate organizations¬†that are trying to make a serious point. We use to¬†believe in¬†elections in Canada to decide our path. Today these¬†greedy¬†thugs and free loader chiefs¬†are trying desperately¬†to¬†hang on to their free tax dollars and power over their people by using bullying instead of elections to get their way. Like all dictators and bullies they will fail. Hopefully sooner than later so the rest of us get down to the serious business of helping the one’s that need help,¬†the native population

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Is It To Late? Is The Battle Lost For Fiscal Responsibility?

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The benefit train left the station years  ago and is now picking up a real head of steam. Not only do the generations of today want great jobs and benefit packages, they are demanding it whether they earn it or not. The problem is they are no longer affordable. With never-ending increases in costs and benefit expenses , companies can no longer compete and the dwindling number of taxpayers can no longer subsidize them. In Alberta the top 50% of the earners pay 97% of the personal tax bill while over 40% of their wage is already taken towards taxes and fees. Yet, Albertans are crying out for more money for health care and education when 65% of the provincial budget  already goes to these 2 items.

Even though Greece has already gone down the path of social spending and has ended up in ruins ,¬†The majority of Canadians¬†can’t understand they are on the same path. 60% of Canadians vote for a left leaning social party rather than a fiscal Conservative¬†party.¬†they are hooked on¬†free¬†social programs. But like Greece Canada is¬†in debt by over¬†one trillion¬†dollars and climbing. We are borrowing money for these so-called free programs with no real plan to pay down the debt. We borrow in the good times and borrow even more in the bad. The Canadian Government debt for 2012-2013 is projected to balloon to $605 billion. The gravy train is on a roll.

A Greece election is now scheduled to be held on 17 June 2012 after a coalition government was unable to be formed following the May election. After¬†increasing taxes and cuts to benefits¬†,Greeks¬†turned to the streets with violet demonstrations. They just can’t understand they are broke and are poised to vote in a new government to start the spending. They actually think that Germany¬†will bail them out indefinitely. Completely delusional thinking but after decades of lavish benefits¬†they feel entitled and want someone to pay for them. If any government¬†tries to stop the entitlement train they will voted them out.

We are now seeing signs of this Greek style entitlement in Canada. With rioting students in Quebec and a dysfunctional Liberal government voted back in, in Ontario, Canadian voters are showing signs of tossing good fiscal management for never-ending free social benefits that the NDP offer. Our governments are caving in from the federal to the municipal. No politician would now dare go against the tidal wave of social entitlement and hope to get voted in.

I would think the next federal election will be the turning point. Do Canadians go Left and continue piling on social benefits and debt, pillaging the last remaining dollars of the top 50% earners and corporations to subsidize their follies like many of todays European countries or stay with a center right conservative government and continue the battle to create prosperity through education, hard work and paying down our debt .  Looking at Ontario and Quebec it might be too late for the fiscal right and Canada. We can only continue to educate the entitled thinkers and point them to the European disasters that await them if they vote in an NDP or Liberal government, and hope they wake up.

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Alberta – Budget Time Bomb

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As the Alberta political parties filibuster over Alberta Health care trying to score political points with the voters, Albertans are getting stuck with the bill of an ever-increasing out of control health care and education system. Together these 2 budget items make up a whooping 64% of a 35.6 billion dollar budget , leaving only crumbs for the many other necessaries. If you want to go a little further and add in a third item, social services for 10.6%, you end up with a dizzying 74.7% of the budget for only 3 budget items, 3/4 of the total budget for 2011-2012. These 3 items, that have a large number of government employees, are going to continue getting larger taking up an ever-increasing portion of the budget. I find it bewildering that in a province that is supposed to be the economic engine of Canada that the Agriculture, Resource Management and Economic  Development is only alloted 5% while over 75% goes to government related services.

Interesting Fact: Over the past 10 years the education portion of the budget has increased 63% but the student population only increased by 3%.

The question I have is , where is all the money going to come from to pay for these 3 budget items and continue to grow the economy? It seems unlikely that the public can shoulder any more taxes since they are already paying over 40% of their wages to all three levels of government plus the added burden of  higher food and fuel cost. Since health care is the biggest runaway cost of the budget, estimated to grow to 17 billion dollars by 2013 from 13 billion in 2009, the government should make a concentrated effort to control this expenditure and use their imagination to develop a plan to increase revenue to cover expenses, without tormenting Albertans with increasing taxes.

Presently 78% of the budget revenue is coming¬†from tax¬†(55.4%)¬†and resource revenue,¬†(23.4%) which is just another tax in disguise. With the pressure on to increase spending for health care, infrastructure plus all other budget items its only a matter of time before this budget time bomb explodes if the government doesn’t get serious and develop a plan. So far the PC’s have done little to nothing over the years to get this budget bomb under control.

We need to start promoting and working with what we have to offer, gas, oil, agriculture. Stop this fixation on increasing taxes and letting the government spend on job creation . The government has never been efficient when it come to spending our money. Make it easier for larger companies and small business to expand and grow into larger markets. Let business create the jobs.  Let the government assist when required. By excess taxing  of companies and Albertans we are taking away their ability to spend in ways that will grow the economy. The PC government has had no plan in the past that has worked and most likely does not have any well thought plan for the future. With more business comes more jobs that can add more taxes into the pot for our budget needs.

I’m hoping come the next provincial election we will all take the time to check out which political party fits the “no more tax bill”. We need a real conservative¬†government that will promote Alberta, our products and business while maintaining¬†a balanced budget¬†, keeping us out of debt and diffusing the budget bomb.

Bloated Alberta Budget 2011-2012 –

Frasor Institute РAverage Canadian family pays more in taxes than it does for food, clothing, and shelter combined

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Written by Ken McGregor

May 15, 2011 at 9:03 am

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